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Welcome to the Revolutionary Rompereglas podcast where we converge at the intersection of ancestral inheritance, spirituality, trauma healing, pleasure, intimacy, magic and leadership. I'm Isha Vela, somatic expressive alchemist for new era healers, change agents and bridge builders. I believe that unraveling fractured concepts of ourselves that live in our emotional, spiritual and mental systems, while moving towards sovereignty and devotion is the real work towards our personal and collective liberation. In this first season of the podcast, I'm interviewing New Era leaders who are sharing their personal journeys, and how it's brought them to the purpose led work they do now. Occasionally, I'll chime in with my own inspired episodes. But my intention is that the conversations and the tools shared in the podcast will inspire and support you on your own magical human journey to owning yourself.

Hi, I am sitting here with Tia Vidal today, who is an abundance witch. She's the founder and creator of psychic EFT and she teaches radical abundance to business brujas and creative folks all over the world. I'm so glad to finally have you on the podcast. 

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Yeah. I'm so happy to be here. Thank you for having me. 

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Yeah. I'm just curious about like your message, what you want to share - like what is your passion?

My passion is to help people feel abundant and be abundant. And it does start with the feeling, often. For some people it doesn't, it just starts at birth - they have, but maybe not all types of abundance. So, holistic abundance. First of all, we're talking about every you know, everything and really tried and true. Stepping into embracing that embodying a whole abundance. I feel like the systems that we are born into, in this world, the systems we live under, we're introduced to scarcity at such a young age, it just becomes like a lot of other things that are toxic and harmful and horrible, part of the air that we breathe. It's replacing that energy of scarcity with with an energy of abundance. I really do believe that there is enough for all. 


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You know, there is enough for all, there is enough for all, and it's just all very you know on one hand, I'm very politically minded, socially minded. The other hand I'm, you know, I love the healing and, and working one on one with people. So abundance has, is something that I've been working with, you know, with money for a while, I kept putting it on the shelf, because it felt icky. That's such a childish word, icky, but it conveys--

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Right, it's the feeling.

Tia Vidal  2:53  
So I kept putting it on the shelf. And I heard somebody that I really liked - something that really just struck such a chord with me, and I'm going to try and paraphrase it. I was walking the dog and I was listening to a podcast, somebody by the name of Sarah Faith, that goddess diner, she does a lot of work with the moon. She has a book called the moon book. And she said, the mindset of anti capitalism is a mindset of abundance is what she said. And that was it for me, because I've had training, you know, tapping into wealth certification. So I'm trained to work with people's energetic connection and emotional connection and all those things to money. That's what my training is, like, five years ago, I did that. But I've kept putting it on the shelf. No, that's not what I do, oh, da da da, marketing yourself as a money coach, I just never felt for me personally, it just wasn't in alignment. And there was a couple of other things that came up for me just I couldn't you know, very recently, and then her hearing her say that, I was like, that's it because there's enough for everybody, really embracing that energy of abundance, and, like wholly, and my body has been vibrating ever since that. Because I really, you know, embodying it, reminding myself several times a day, and also when I feel the scarcity, like honoring that also, like scarcity is like this illusion. But the harm that it causes to people's lives and their psyches and the environment and all of the things is very real. 

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Yes, yes. Right. 

Tia Vidal  4:33  
So it's very important to differentiate those two, because if not, there's a lot of gaslighting going on because there's a lot of pain around people not having enough. It's real. It's very, very real. So that was the part that was missing for me and all of a sudden, I'm an abundance witch and that was it. That was it. So that's my story with the oven thing.

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And so when you talk about abundance, I'm guessing that you're not just talking about money. 

Tia Vidal  5:05  
No, no, I mean, for me the thing that, as I am stepping into this, as I am learning to embody it, embracing it fully, is time abundance. Waking up in the morning and feeling like already, I don't have enough time, I've really started to rearrange the way I wake up in the morning, my first thought, my first actions, even though this is something I've wanted to do for years, you know, it's actually falling into place now and happening because with this just little little adjustment of time abundance. And energy abundance also is a big thing for me. And I think since especially since the COVID, that we just be - and I live in a big city, I don't want to go outside, there's a lot of people. Yeah, the energy. So being sedentary, a lot. 

Isha  5:51  
I had a question about, I want people to understand what it is like to embody abundance, because people understand, a lot of people understand yeah, abundance, that's a good thing, and right, we know all those pieces. But how does one embody, like I love what you're describing about time abundance, waking up in the morning, and being very intentional about where you direct your attention, right, your thoughts and your actions, and all of that coming into alignment with abundance, maybe describe what it's like to embody it. 

Tia Vidal  6:24  
Okay, so I have a really, I think, something that a lot of people will be able to relate to, and we just went through this, you know, with the time change, have you ever forgotten to change your clock when there was a time change, and then realize that you have an extra hour, actually? It's more than a thought, that is something you feel in your body. 

Isha  6:45  

Tia Vidal  6:45  
You know, it's something you really feel in the cells of your body, you know, sitting with that feeling, and then training myself to look at the clock and going, oh, I have extra time, barely. Instead of, because a lot of it is the habitual inner dialogue, right? That we have around it, that already for me, anyways, the way my system works, is with that inner dialogue comes to calming down of the brain, the nervous system, and I'm able to to embody that in that moment. Stepping into it is a lot, a lot of reminders during the day. It's not natural, because I mean, gosh, a lot of years that have been living otherwise. 

Isha  7:26  
Right. So you're constantly counteracting socialization, conditioning, all of that stuff. 

Tia Vidal  7:32  

Isha  7:33  
You know, I know that people have a whole path into their calling, and maybe share, I don't know if it's connected, but maybe share your family background, your roots and how that's connected to the work that you do now. 

Tia Vidal  7:51  
Oh, I love that. Yeah, my family background is - I am Americana Mexicana, all four of my grandparents were from Mexico. Contrary to my whole life, people arguing with me that I wasn't Mexican. And I think, I mean, it just happened very recently too, they know they were like maybe you're not white, all white, people will argue with me, you're Hawaiian or you're Filipina or you're this or you're Thai or you're half this and I'm just like what? I think I know what I am. But so that is my my background. I was born in a little town called Calexico, California. A lot of my relatives lived in Mexicali, just over the border, so sister towns right next to each other, one's in Mexico, one is in California, and we used to go visit my Nana Lupe every weekend, like I was born into a family of five older brothers and the only girl, five years after the youngest, so I was the last oopsie, the princessa also because you know, the only girl. I really rebelled against that. But I was going with my mother mostly by myself with her to go visit my Nana who was very, very poor. She never had a toilet inside of her home. It wasn't just that she was poor, but she was very sad. Shee had tears in her eyes a lot. You know? Yeah. Yeah, really heavy, really, really heavy. But I loved going there and I loved sitting in her lap and her holding me and stroking my hair. I remember the feeling, you know her bosom and just her warmth. And so this is something that I healed and I go back to in my healing and she was one of the strongest ancestors behind me. Yes, I knew it. I knew you could do it mija. 

Isha  9:33  

Tia Vidal  9:33  
So behind me, my Nana Lupe. And and my other grandmother was Yaqui, was a Yaqui Indian, and from Sonora, my father's mother. And I never got to know her. But I felt her presence and my, I grew up with my father telling me how much I reminded him of her. So I think that's very strong in me also, but as far as growing up yeah, I mean, things were stretched thin because there was six of us. With six kids, I have a such a different experience than the oldest ones. 

Isha  10:07  

Tia Vidal  10:07  
It was really tough for them. By the time I came along, my father had a, you know, a situated in a job and he was kind of - we loved the American dream. You know, he kept going up and up and up in his job. And we moved, we moved from Calexico to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to San Diego, finally ended up there. And each time it was like an upgrade. That was kind of the end of that era, man. You know?

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Tia Vidal  10:33  
I got the tail end of that, because already by the time he was retiring, they were taking away a lot of the benefits. And I got that too. I was a flight attendant for 15 years with a major airline. And in the beginning, I started in 97. In the beginning, it was still the heyday of having a union job. 

Isha  10:54  


Tia Vidal  10:53  
It was, we had a lot of protections, and then that company, it was UAL, going into bankruptcy so many times. The golden parachutes. I ended up coming to Paris, I live in Paris, France, I ended up coming here because there was a base in Paris. And the legend goes that the CEO at the time had a Chateau in the south of France. So he thought, well, I'm the CEO of UAL, I'm going to make a base in Paris. So it's easy for me to commute to my Chateau. So, but it brought me it brought me here. But my background with the work around abundance and wealth and money comes from my first years coaching, and really going through, you know, going through some of the major trainings out there with some of the big people, big influencers or big leaders, and really falling flat on my face. And I felt like I was doing all the things and it wasn't working. And this was, let's see Pablo is 13 now, so this is like eight years ago?

Yeah, yeah. And so then just getting a bit like, what's wrong with me? And starting to get very curious about money, what's happening with my money blocks. And I think, in retrospect, looking back, there was nothing wrong with me, it's just, I think a lot of people are told that they can have success a lot faster than - I mean, it could happen very fast. I am in groups where people are having success very fast. So I don't want to project anything, you know, or my own experience onto anybody else. But sometimes it's not. And so anybody out there listening, that is taking a little bit slower, you're not alone. And you - there's nothing wrong with you, okay, if you're doing all the things. So, but I was - I got very curious about my money blocks. And I did this, kind of what you're gonna do, like a three day workshop thing around EFT and money blocks. And it blew my mind, it just blew my mind. Because with EFT you're really sitting with the emotions of whatever it is that you're working with, be it a health concern, be it you know, an addiction or what - I don't work with those things, I don't have the training for that, but money is very highly charged. So sitting with that, and really realizing how much it was so much deeper, that the work is so much deeper than we think. And the more that I was digging, the more that - and then I ended up buying like a longer kind of a course, Do It Yourself course, which I don't recommend, because I felt so unsupported and lost. I was I was coming up with, it was almost like going through this deep therapy by yourself. You know, like I was like, oh, what is, you know, what's happening here and no experience with that at all. But really, for me that a lot of the things that were coming up for me that were blocking me related to money, but were relational, self trust, trusting in the universe, things like this. 

Isha  13:59  

Tia Vidal  13:59  

Isha  14:00  
Yeah. When you were saying it's much deeper, you know, the first question I came up with was - how deep is it?

Tia Vidal  14:07  
It's so deep, I still dive in there. 

Isha  14:11  
Yeah. I mean, you get into ancestral generational stuff. If you come from an oppressed culture, traditionally oppressed culture, marginalized folks, you get into collective traumas.

Tia Vidal  14:25  
Yeah, yes, yes. And that's something with my my grandmother that I was sharing with you about a little while ago with my Nana Lupe, there's been so much work there. And it's been very cathartic, so much generational stuff, and healing and healing for her, healing back, you know, in the timelines. It's so I feel I just feel her with me all the time. It's so it's so powerful. 

Isha  14:48  

Tia Vidal  14:49  
Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, that's what brought me to this, this type of work. And then I was just hooked. I just want to, I want to find, I want to turn over every rock. Let's see what's there, and that started my journey, yeah. 

Isha  15:03  
Yeah, that's amazing. I love that. Let's talk a little bit about the how. You talked about EFT, which is an Emotional Freedom Technique. And you're also psychic, right? You have your own abilities that you use to serve yourself, your own healing, your ancestral healing, and then other people's healing. So maybe talk a little bit about both of those, and even like coming into that, those abilities, but share first, like how it is that you support people and healing their scarcity wounds. 

Tia Vidal  15:33  
Yeah, so how I heal people, right now, I only work one on one, I don't have any kind of groupings. And I did that before, because I've been doing this coaching thing for a while now. Also, I'm a human design generator. So I'm really listening to my gut, you know, that's telling me this is where it's at for me right now. And the way that I work with people is very intuitively, individually, also with the moon, a little bit of astrology, I'm not an astrologer, but I know, you know, enough to know the qualities and you know, have a little bit of insight around that. And with tarot also. So I mix all these things together. And depending on what they're, where they're at, what they need, you know, and asking them okay, do you want to look at the moon or let's pick some cards and something will click in their face and that's it. There's a nerve, there's a root there, or there's something there and then we dive in. And then I just do like an investigative question you know questioning, listening, feeling with my body, really observing their energy during the call, then we tap on all of that, do EFT. We don't always do EFT. Sometimes it just calls for some breath, you know, some breath work and feeling into things. But mostly people come to me for - you know I've just recently noticed the look that people have on their faces when we say okay, are you ready to tap? And it's kind of like when, you know, when you're getting on a roller coaster and the bar comes down to secure you into the car? 

Isha  17:12  

Tia Vidal  17:13  
People their eyes get kind of wide and they're like, yeah, I'm ready. And I just absolutely delight in that. And then we do it. We do the thing. And then you were going to ask--

Isha  17:25  
Yeah, I was just curious, well the next question that I have is about, like, why does EFT work? I've been fascinated with EFT and don't understand how it works. Maybe people would like to know a little bit more about like, why this is effective.

Tia Vidal  17:41  
I do not have the answer to that either. And I haven't come across any kind of like research papers or anything. I haven't looked recently. But I was doing it for a while because I just always felt like I had to show people that, you know, but there's a lot of studies showing that the cortisol level in the body reduces enormously during induction of EFT and that things, you know, behaviors change and whatnot. So, I don't know. I mean, I think the explanation that some people give for it is acupuncture without the needles. 

Isha  18:18  
Mm-hmm. Yes, the meridians. 

Tia Vidal  18:19  
Right. So it's the meridians and, and I think that is enough for people to go oh, okay, so it works on their meridians. And also your verbalizing. I think it has also when you're doing it with somebody else, there's mirror neurons.

Isha  18:35  

Tia Vidal  18:36  
That are that are being activated. And you're seeing that and you're hearing yourself but somebody else is saying it and repeating it to you and holding you and all of that. So yeah, well, I don't know why it works, but I love that it does.

Isha  18:52  
Yeah, but it makes sense when you talk about it as you know, you're opening up the energies around specific meridians, right, important places and kind of loosening up whatever blockages or stuck energies are there. 

Tia Vidal  19:07  
Yes, yeah.

Isha  19:10  
You and I had some I think online conversations about really owning our bitch, owning, right, our abilities and coming out with them essentially, like publicly talking about them and claiming them so I would really be fascinated by - you share, I think that would be important for you to share that. 

Tia Vidal  19:32  
Okay, absolutely. I love that you asked that. Yeah, so as far as coming out and claiming my witch really was, I was so scared to do that. But also something that I grew up with my mom always calling me bruja. I would walk into the room and say, announce something, and she would look at me, oop. You know and it was almost like on a daily basis that I was predicting things or saying things that I shouldn't have known or whatnot. And we had a bit of a contentious relationship. But when she told me, bruja was never used as an insult, it was never as something negative. It was always kind of know, admiring, or just naming something, or playful. So I grew up with that. And yeah, and I also had a brother, when my eldest brother passed away. And I can't remember what he used to say. But he would say something about the placements of the planets when I was born, the night I was born, or something. And he was quite a bit older than me he was, what, 17, 16 years older than me. And he would just announce this. And like, I don't know, because I've had my chart done. And I don't know if there's any thing but he was say in the Yaqui, you know, something to do with the Yaquis. And I don't know if it was some kind of download he was having or just but I grew up with this feeling of being mystical around me. Also, I did have invisible friends. And now I'm like, oh, they were my spirits. My spirit team was there. But I had invisible friends. And I was patted on the top of the head going, oh, chachita. That was my familial name. Chachita. So cute, you know, your invisible friends. And I would just go, okay, whatever, and go in the backyard and play with them. But stepping into it as an adult is a whole different thing. Yeah, I did this whole Shadow Work persona process. And I thought I was just doing it to write from this persona. 

Isha  21:39  

Tia Vidal  21:40  
I wanted to explore that and explore writing from my shadows. She, Tia, just got stronger and stronger. And stronger. Because she just felt good. And I think I mean, the truth of it is, if it was my shadows, and I was just allowing them to come out and play more, of course, that feels amazing, giving myself permission to be these things that I had locked away. 

Isha  22:05  

Tia Vidal  22:05  
So yeah, so that's part of it. That's Tia. 

Isha  22:10  
Oh, got it. Right. 

Tia Vidal  22:12  
Yeah, that's, that's my whole Tia coming out. But the witch thing happened before that, because I had an Instagram handle that had bruja in it. That was something I was really struggling with inside of myself. I wanted to announce to the world that I was a witch. But it was also because I think I was, I was feeling so tired of people rejecting that I was Mexican. You know? And I was really exploring a lot of this also, you know, inside of myself, and how, you know, that's a whole other book to open. But, you know, as far as being a light skinned woman of color, that's just been a different experience for my friends that I grew up with and whatnot. And I was just feeling so like, a lot of anxiety and tension inside of me around that. And I wanted to just kind of say, God dammit, this is who I am. 

Isha  23:04  
That's right. Yeah.

Tia Vidal  23:05  
You know? And I opened that up, and I kind of fed that, and it's satisfying. And it's like, well, you know, yes, it is who you are. That's who you've always been, just embracing it. But, but so much has happened recently that I've just completely gone all in with this new persona and of just like everything with my business and everything, with the psychic EFT and just I'm embracing all of that so much. So the witch thing has been, it's actually felt very natural. I feel like I'm surrounded by witches.

Isha  23:43  

Tia Vidal  23:43  
So, you know, I'm a cancer sun. So I know how to create big cocoons around my cult. If I'm gonna come out as a witch, I better call the witches. Let me surround myself with witches. And so yeah, I felt safe that way. 

Isha  23:59  

Tia Vidal  23:59  
Um, yeah, more or less and, and then, you know, getting the courage. that builds courage, also, because I couldn't just say what I want to say.

Isha  24:08  
Yeah. So what you're describing is sort of this shift from putting yourself out there on social media under your birth name to bringing yourself out under your shadow sorceress name Tia Vidal. 

Tia Vidal  24:23  

Isha  24:24  
Yeah. Yeah. To really own that part of yourself and say, like, this is part of my energy. Yeah. Genuinely powerful in claiming that. Yeah,

Tia Vidal  24:36  
Yeah. It has been. It has been for me very powerful. Yeah. 

Isha  24:40  
And what is this part of you like? Because you know, I talk a lot about Shadow Work, and it's something that is misunderstood. And so what I steal from you, as you're talking is, like the the gifts of the shadow. 

Tia Vidal  24:55  

Isha  24:56  

Tia Vidal  24:56  
Yeah, yeah. Well, one thing is that I have always been very socially aware. And I didn't feel like I could bring that into my work or talk about it in my work, I wanted to - I had this burning desire to do it. But gosh, you know, everybody tells you since you go into especially entrepreneurship, don't do that, don't talk about this a, b, and c. And politics is one of them. And not that I'm talking about politics all the time at all, but it certainly informs my view of the world. And when I talk about abundance, for instance, something that has informed me so much is moving to France, and living in France and having universal health care here, and seeing the huge disparity between, you know, that and what my family and my friends and everybody in the US, you know, the system there and the lies that are being told around that. And that angers me, it does make me mad. How, you know, trying to figure out for years, that's felt like such a shadow for me. And one of the, with the process, I think you're familiar with this process - is finding personalities or even if they're mythological, or whatever, that have those qualities. So one of them for me was Frida Kahlo, who was, you know, had very strong political leanings, and was very open and confident in them. And so she's, she's in there, no, she's in the mix. And, and also, so creative, and you know, all sorts of, that I admire, and so the shadow that I thought would be a liability is actually beacon to others, I'm finding, in these first steps, that it's a beacon, and I'm able to call in, connect with like minded people. And that feels really good. That feels really, really good.

Isha  26:52  
Yeah and by you claiming it, it gives other people permission to honor those energies in themselves as well. Because you know, you and I know that what keeps the shadow in place is so much shame. 

Tia Vidal  27:05  

Isha  27:05  
Yeah. It locks it in. Yeah. Yeah. Do you currently have coaching spaces available? 

Tia Vidal  27:13  
Yeah, yeah, I do. Yeah, I do. And I have, I'm trying to, you know, figure out like, a lot of people how to, to work in a way that is, you know, trauma informed, and accessible. So I, the way that I have structured my offers right now is that everybody has to go through that. I call it a radical abundance activation. 

Isha  27:38  

Tia Vidal  27:39  
There's the one call, and then they can see, you know, there's no like you either sign on with me for six months, or, you know, or hit the road. You know? Because it's both ways, you know, are we a good fit? And then after that I have two months and six month packages if they, if they love it, or if it's very helpful, if they want more. You know, there's I have the two and six month packages for that. 

Isha  28:04  
That's a great idea. 

Tia Vidal  28:05  
Yeah, yeah. That's, that's how I've structured it for now. And yeah, yeah, I do have room.

Isha  28:13  
How can people find you and get one of your activations? 

Tia Vidal  28:17  
You can find me at Tia Vidal on Instagram, T-I-A, V-I-D-A-L. And my website is psychic EFT dot com. And yes, you can find me there also.

Isha  28:33  
Wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your abundance with us. 

Tia Vidal  28:44  
Thank you so much.

Isha  28:45  
Yeah, this feels like such a good conversation. Because I think that this is a, it's such an important process to shift out of scarcity because it, scarcity feeds so much of our behavior with one another even in relationships and, right, with life. It really affects all areas of our life. 

Tia Vidal  29:06  
Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. 

Isha  29:09  
Thank you again for being here today. And I look forward to seeing more of you.

Tia Vidal  29:15  
Thank you, Isha. Thank you so much for having me. 

Isha  29:18  
All right. Buh-bye.

Tia Vidal  29:18  

Isha  29:19  
All right, that's it for today's episode. I hope this conversation supported you in accessing more of your truth and more of your energy. Remember to hit the subscribe button to get notified of new episodes dropping on the new and full moons of each month. And if you haven't already, leave us a five star review on iTunes and make sure that everyone who needs this transmission gets it. See you next time, rompereglas.