Own Your NO Self-guided discovery
Embodying Sovereignty with Boundary Energetics

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and in need of alone time after being around people?

Are you generous to others but feel resentful or angry when your generosity is not reciprocated?

Do you feel exhausted by the demands of clients?

Do you sometimes absorb the emotions of other people?

Do you freeze or feel ungrounded in the moment, but then later think of all the perfect responses?

Creating safety in our own bodies and carving out sovereign space for our emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness is a keystone of trauma healing and embodied self-ownership.

In fact, boundaries are at the energetic root of your liberation.

A lack of clearly identified or expressed boundaries is at the source of most problems in our relationships and at work.

You can’t escape the task of setting boundaries. It is ongoing and mutable based on your energy stores and emotional states.


This 4-week course is here to help you finally disrupt your patterns of self-betrayal, energetic permeability, and people pleasing.


Especially during quarantine, when we’re all up in each other’s space.

Especially in our country’s climate, where you need to discern with whom to engage and who to love from a distance. 


Own Your NO: Embodying Sovereignty with Boundary Energetics is for you if you:

Feel compelled to give to others even when you don’t want to

Struggle to say “no” without feeling guilty

Experience blurring between work and family domains (hello Covid!) 

Have difficulty distinguishing between what’s yours and what’s other people’s

Want to get to your own projects but can’t find the time

Understand your patterns pretty well but haven’t implemented the changes

Are often sidelined by stomach problems, autoimmune symptoms, and headaches

Earn less than what is possible for your level of knowledge and education

Offer compassion and understanding to others but shortchange yourself in the process

Get pushback even when you do say no

Learn to set boundaries in ways that feel aligned to your values before your body sets them for you.

I know the cost of not creating healthy boundaries. 

If fact, getting chronically ill and restoring my health had EVERYTHING to do with establishing and maintaining energetic, emotional, and physical boundaries.

I know what it’s like to be afraid.

Of expressing your REAL thoughts or feelings. 

Of losing love or connection if you choose YOURSELF.

Of how your life would change if you actually STOPPED giving your time and energy away.

In this course you’ll: 

Learn what belongs to you.

Get clear on what you don’t need to hold for other people.

Learn the difference between walls and boundaries.

Ground in and hold your NO (and claim your YES in the process).


You’ll learn to establish and maintain boundaries in your relationships and work so that you can


And let’s get into some real talk about the revolution.

I believe that the energetics of the world align when we show up for ourselves reliably and consistently.

My desire is that the magical, sensitive womxn of the world who hold space so generously for other’s experiences hold the same epic space for their own truth and desires.


As we move toward creating a culture of connection, we cannot continue:

Overriding the signs and reactions in our bodies;

Intellectually bypassing our needs;

Giving harmful/inconsiderate people access to you.


The sensations and experiences in your body speak louder than any idea or concept.

 That’s where we’ll be transforming your patterns and expanding your capacity to experience more peace and protect it.


ALL learning happens through the body. 

You can read all you want about boundaries and never see any concrete changes in your life until you bring it into embodied practice.

This course is heavy on the experientials, while also providing valuable concepts and frameworks within which to anchor your experiences.

This Course is For:

Healers and Wellness Practitioners

Changemakers, Bridgebuilders, and Spaceholders

Empathic mujeres who want to improve their relational skills

Purpose-led Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Conscious parents

Course Format and Outline

Access to 4 video learning modules, as well as an orientation video that you will have access to forever!

Module One: Containment, Embodiment, + Expression

Module Two: Overgiving + Expanding Receptivity

Module Three: Increasing Capacity for Conflict

Module Four: Centering + Creating Sovereignty


Learn to honor your limits and boundaries

Cultivate deeper awareness of your Yeses and Nos

Create unambiguous boundaries with clients/family/online

Relate more cleanly to people with poor boundaries

Improve boundary communication

Break patterns of codependency

Recover from past boundary transgressions

Remove guilt from expressing needs and wants



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the program? 

When you sign up, you’ll get an email with access information. You’ll have access for life to these modules. 

How much time will I spend on course materials each week?

The video modules are up to one hour long but not more. 

I’ve not heard of Core Energetics or expressive energy work before. How is it different from Somatic Experiencing or other body-based modalities?

Some say that SE and CE are very different, and in my opinion those differences are created to maintain each school’s unique identity. For me, SE and CE are fundamentally similar in that they both aim to heal trauma stored in the nervous system. CE works expressively to release the full spectrum of your life force energy. That’s not exclusive to CE, and every somatic practitioner has their own style and focus. 

I created this course for many reasons, the first being my own experience of painful self-betrayal and energetic depletion. I’m a codependent and overgiver in ongoing, successful recovery. 

I’ve also seen the same pattern of codependency and overgiving coupled with resentfulness and/or guilt in many of the caring and compassionate people I’ve supported.

If we are to shift the energy dynamics of our culture to one that is more balanced and reciprocal, we must create balance and reciprocity within ourselves and our immediate relationships first.

Even though we can’t guarantee our safety within systems of power, we CAN build mind-body-spirit sovereignty, maintain connection, and renegotiate survival patterns through the clear expression of boundaries. 

Join this self-guided course for a deeply embodied learning experience that will offer practical, everyday tools to hold your ground, own your worth, and protect your peace from a place of love and compassion.