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Welcome to the Revolutionary Rompereglas podcast, where we meet at the busy intersection of trauma healing, sexuality, spirituality, embodied decolonization and radical self compassion. I’m Isha Vela, trauma psychologist, somatic expressive coach and energy alchemist. I’m passionate about how the healing of our intimacy wounds and dismantling of our social conditioning contributes to our collective evolution. I believe that embracing our full human experience is a holy process, and that our greatest gifts are sometimes alchemized from our deepest pain. I’m interviewing healers and leaders for sharing their personal liberation journey and how they created the life love and business in alignment with their purpose. My intention is that the conversations and tools shared in this podcast will inspire and support you on your own liberation journey. So get ready to drop into your emotional body, tap into your intuition and unveil your fierce and flawsome expression. 


Hi, and welcome to Revolutionary Rompereglas where I’ll be – where I’m talking to Melody Leon, Melody Leon. And so, Melody, I want you to just talk about your business, who you serve, and why you’re doing this work. 


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Yeah, so um, hi, my name is Melody. And I have a business called Makeup and Magic. And really at the core of what it is that I offer as a service is, I always tell people think like, fairy godmother meets curandera, where it’s like, I can teach you tools for transformation, for evolution. And that can be on the inside, on a mind, body, or soul level. So some of the things that I incorporate are like makeup lessons, and we not only teach makeup, but we use it as, you know, we’re giving you some more tools so that you can use your beauty routine as a ritual for self compassion. So everything that we do whatever road that we take, the goal is just for feeding and the development of the Divinity within. And, you know, I think a lot of my clients are women who are leaders, whether it’s, you know, thought leaders, leaders in their industry, women who are also healers, because I’ve been really blessed with the gift to be able to shake loose some things that are beneath the surface. So, that’s a, you know, in essence, what we do, it’s one on one sessions or group training. And they’re very unique and individual to each person. So we just kind of, we tap into the ancestors, we ask to be let in the direction that it needs to go for the highest good, and we just flow it there. And there’s a ton of tools that we use in the process, so, it’s really fun. 


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Yes. And tapping into the ancestors is what we did before. 


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Isha  2:51  

Before the call. Yes. Before recording, because yeah. 


Melody Leon  2:56  

Yeah. I mean, it’s a beautiful thing to understand, not only to understand, in your mind, but understand through your practice and in the vibration that you show up in, that you have a spiritual support team that’s there. But you know, you just gotta, you gotta call on it. Because they’re, you know –


Isha  3:10  

They’re just like waiting. 


Melody Leon  3:12  

Yeah, yeah. Like, your show, but like back then. 


Isha  3:20  

Yeah. And I, you know, I met you through Dr. Amanda Kemp, through racial justice from the heart training. And I’m so glad I did, because I remember meeting you, and I just felt your incredible presence, you were so in your confidence, and so like, in command of yourself, and that really blew me away, and how you unapologetically brought spirituality in because it was just so a part of you, that it was just like, boom, hay esta, there it is. 


Melody Leon  3:54  

Yeah, it certainly took a while for me to get to that place. And that kind of – that leads into my why. Like, I, I need my spirituality to be well. It is, it is so deeply ingrained in the essence of who I am, that if I don’t present that, obviously in a way that is respectful, you know, but if I don’t present that I’m not showing up fully. And I’m not showing up authentically, and one of my core values is to show up in a way that is like, fully me, unapologetically non judgmentally. But also just understanding like, I know who I am, I know the powers that I’ve been gifted with, and I’m not going to shrink for anyone. I’m also not going to you know, try to dominate anybody too you know what I’m saying, it’s a balance but it’s, it’s important. And me, you know, I’ve always had a spiritual sense, since I was young it’s been spoken over me that I’ve got a lot of healing gifts. But I was born into more of a Catholic Christian type of background. And a lot of those things didn’t really resonate. And as I reached for my my spiritual sense I just, something – I was falling short of something, there was something there missing. And it was only when I, you know, I had a really life changing situation and IU decided to go and venture in areas that our traditional religions tell us is not okay. But I felt this authentic deep calling to unbox some of those things, and it was only when I gave myself permission to do those things that I unlocked certain things within myself. So, and it provided a certain level of healing. There’s so many things that traditional psychology and traditional religions don’t address and because of you know slavery and colonization we don’t see these things represented in our daily lives so there’s nothing for us as a frame of reference to say oh, you’re not crazy you have a gift. Oh you’re not hearing things that’s your ancestors. So when I was able to embrace that, there was such a liberation and I just became a new person and I’m so grateful for that so I – part of my why is understanding that especially as people of color there are cultural practices that serve our soul to tap into, and I want to really find this place where traditional psychology and things that I learned in my own healing process are applied but also those deep cultural roots and connections are brought into the session so that people are able to dive in and take these tools with them and then just go off running because I just kind of spark that connection. 


Isha  6:32  

Yeah, yeah. No and it’s so funny Melody because when, you know, when I saw the name of your business, makeup and magic, I’m just like, how does that go together? And the way that you explained it was so perfect, about like the self compassion and like yes, self image, right, how you – your relationship with yourself. Your physical self, your soul self, it all comes together and it’s all an expression of you. And so you know for people who are listening that think like all these disparate interests can’t come together, here’s evidence that it can. 


Melody Leon  7:12  

Yeah, thank you for pointing that out, I think that’s a great point. For a long time I was really confused about how to present myself, I was really – I wasn’t sure if it would cause brand confusion. And just being able to find the right words has allowed me to understand that like what – whatever is inside you that’s your natural talent, whatever lights you up that you can do on a bad day and still like, you know those days where you’re like a four and you’re not really functioning at your greatest capacity, like, if you can show up on a four day and still do it well and effortlessly then that’s something that is a gift that’s meant for you. And makeup and magic are two things that for me just are so effortless, um, and you know not only that, it was – makeup was always very calming for me. So the days, you know in my early journey when I was really learning how to deal, like I have complex PTSD, and I’ve been through some things. And there were times where art has always been a medium, particularly through makeup, for me to channel energy that is not serving me and pour it and create something beautiful from it. So it was always therapeutic for me and one of the things that I did was during that time, rather than look in the mirror and tell myself what I didn’t like about myself, I poured love and compassion into myself. So all I’m really doing is sharing with people what I’ve learned how to deal with my own healing journey. 


Isha  8:37  

I love that. And that’s what – that’s basically what we all do is really offer our own story, our own method to people, right? And people just gravitate to you that – for whom that resonates. Ah that’s so good. It’s so good. So – so tell me a little bit Melody about -there’s two things that you said that kind of sparked me. One was recognizing at an early age that you had some sort of a gift or that you had sort of a spiritual connection.  So let’s start there. 


Melody Leon  8:37  

Yeah so in addition to you know – well I grew up in a very interesting household, where my grandparents raised me. And my grandmother was Catholic but my grandfather was a sapero.


Isha  9:25  



Melody Leon  9:28  

Like, weird things would happen and like I would see my grandma see it and then she’s like “hay que es nona?”.  And I’m like, I saw you see it. You know? And so there was a lot of, a lot of things that were, you know, contradictory, and you know you don’t speak of that. Um, but you know I’m clearly seeing it. And um you know so going through the traditional church there was always, I was always spoken over like, she’s a healer, she’s got you know the ability to be a prophet, all these things that like I said in the traditional Wwords of the Catholic and Christian church didn’t resonate, but there was an energy there that felt authentic. You know, so it came from the church, but then also as a child, I remember, it was really hard for me in my early adult years to speak my truth because as a child, I would see things. And before we are conditioned to not call it like we see it, I was always being told, you don’t speak of this, you don’t speak about that like, sshh be quiet. Like I was always being told to, to be quiet to not say those things. And I learned very quickly that I see things very, very, like much more deep than the average person. So it was just a constant theme. And then you know, as you grow up, and people are telling you these things are not real or not good. But you get a vision. And then over time, you’ll see a pattern like you get a vision, people call you crazy, you ignore it, it comes true. And in this pattern over and over again, when you’re like there’s something to this. So you know, those are kind of some of the ways that it’s evolved from childhood to adulthood now. 


Isha  11:05  

When you said the thing like, it’s no se dice, you don’t talk about that, I felt my hands light up. My hands get really tingly. I had this vision of like, old, old bejitas, like whispering, like having to hide the magic. 


Melody Leon  11:23  



Isha  11:24  

Having to hide the magic. So they wouldn’t be found out, they wouldn’t be judged, or shunned or wow, that was powerful. 


Melody Leon  11:34  

Yes. You know, and that’s, that comes way before us. Because, you know, depending on what your religious beliefs are, especially, you know, if you have roots that are African or Yoruban culture, in order to avoid persecution, and judgment, they would have to literally hide their saints in traditional Catholic candles and Catholic saint things just because they couldn’t practice openly. So like, this has been ingrained in us for generations upon generations upon generations. And a lot of these old bejitas like you say, like, they know deep down inside, like, they’ll tell you, mother Mary, but they’ll be like, Oh, well, you know, there’s, you know, the oishas are really a part of that, like, some of them will tell you a little something about it. But, you know, overall, there’s so much fear of judgment and persecution that we are fed very watered down versions of our, of our culture. 


Isha  12:29  

Yeah. And that, that the Yoruban connection to Catholicism is the reason why your grandmother and your grandfather could get together.


Melody Leon  12:42  

Yes, straight from Havana. Yes. Very Cuban. 


Isha  12:50  

Yeah, so, okay. So you talked about, you talked about having CPTSD, and you talk about having a life changing situation. Do you want to talk a little bit about that, and just share sort of how that’s played into your mission, your values, your purpose? 


Melody Leon  13:11  

Yeah, absolutely. Um, you know, I grew up in a very abusive home. And growing up in a situation where, you know, in our culture, we often don’t, you know, the family, we hide the magic, we hide the trauma, we hide the pain. And it’s not – especially back, you know, I was born in 1983. So especially in like the 80s, in the 90s, there wasn’t, you know, the internet wasn’t as prevalent, people don’t have as much access to information. So it’s just like, we – they just kind of deal with things and really messed up ways. So if you don’t deal with those things, then you just become an adult with these traumas that never got really addressed. So I went through traumas as a child, and then I brought those patterns into adulthood. And that includes physical, sexual, emotional. And it became complex. And it got me to this place where, in addition to not dealing with those traumas, I also had all of these spiritual gifts that nobody really explained to me.


Isha  14:16  



Melody Leon  14:17  

And it’s, it’s – it made for a cocktail that led to some severe depression. And I made an attempt to take my life in my 20s. And it was that situation where, it was actually like an amazing situation. My mom had a vision, she like, saved my life, got me to the hospital within minutes of it being too late. Like my mom also has a lot of psychic gifts. And I say all that to say that everything that was so compounded that led me to that place where I felt like I just had no hope and I couldn’t deal with it anymore, it was a culmination that when when I came back from that situation, I realized that it wasn’t that I didn’t want to live anymore. It was that I didn’t want to live like that any more. And that something had to be done – oh, I just got choked up. And, and I realized that I needed to give myself permission to do things differently because trying to fit into the box that people were trying to fit me in was just literally eating me alive. And, you know, I gave myself permission after that to go and get help, I went and I got therapy, and I was with a therapist, a trauma therapist for six years. Um, you know, and then I was able to go into understanding my culture and my spirituality, what that meant for me. And that was really like the entryway to taking an approach that was both mental, because once you have your mental faculties in order, then, you know, you check all the boxes and you’re like, okay, well, this is – this is what a healthy mental brain looks like. And then you feel a little more comfortable going into the other realms, because, you know, your mental space is okay. 


Isha  15:56  

Yeah, that processing space. 


Melody Leon  15:58  



Isha  15:58  

Yeah, you can assimilate it. Yeah. 


Melody Leon  16:01  

So that, for me was how all of that just led to this like, it was like a phoenix rising moment for me, honestly. 


Isha  16:09  

Wow. And to do that at that age. Right? That is hard. A lot of people in their 20s, they’re still in the patterns and things like that, and it isn’t until their 30s when there’s a crash and burn moment. Like there was for me, you know, they don’t they don’t start really unraveling a lot of that stuff. 


Melody Leon  16:29  

Yeah. I think the addition of my spiritual and psychic gifts, like, as I was getting to a place of more and more sadness, those voices were getting louder and louder. That extra layer of get it together, honey. Okay, yeah.


Isha  16:51  

Yeah, yeah, it’s when you start to get those, those call – the call ins or the call outs, you’re just like, all right, you know, yeah. 


Melody Leon  16:59  



Isha  17:02  

You know, and I had the pleasure of having a session with you, just last week, or even just a couple of days ago, and it was so amazing. Because, you know, as a, as a coach, as a body psychotherapist, as an energy person, you know, I can, I can track people pretty well. And you were tracking me faster than I could track anything. Yeah, it was really, it was so satisfying to me, because I love when people are faster than me. 


Melody Leon  17:34  

I’m glad that you enjoyed it. That’s why I think I have a tendency to, to attract people who are already doing this work on some level, especially because they need – I don’t, I don’t really have to, there’s always a certain level of tact and compassion, and intuition that’s needed. But I can go deeper faster with people in your position, because you’ve already started to do this, you’ve already primed that. And I think one of the great things about it is, you know, when we talk about coaching, and we talk about those things, where we’re doing, we’re doing a lot of things with words, but when I’m, when I’m working with somebody who’s really open to this work, like women like you, um, you know, any people like you, I just do tend to attract a lot more women, the words really almost seem like a background thing, you know? The words are there just to keep our mind chewing, but it’s like my ancestors are just all up in your energy like … And it goes beyond, you know, it goes beyond the session. Because, you know, even after the session, like, you know, we open up the session connecting energetically and calling everyone in, and then even afterwards, like, you’re like I heard from your, from your spirit guides, like the next day, and they’re like, we need you to do more energy work. You know, so it’s this beautiful thing, where it’s like, we have this time, we have this space, we have these words to give one another things for our minds to chew on when we get too into our head. But my – I, I feel like my real gift comes from the way that I’m able to really get into the heart and the soul of the energy and do those silent things and help contribute my energy to this, like contributing to creating the space to dismantle those things. And when a woman like you that’s so empowered and so willing to do the work, when I contribute my energy to allowing for that, it’s just – it’s like a catalyst. And it’s amazing. 


Isha  19:25  

Right? And there’s a piece around trust in there. Right? Like, if I feel safe, and I trust, I can let you in and I can let you do whatever energetic transmission needs to happen atreves los ancestors, right? But if I don’t trust, I’m gonna – I’m gonna be closed. 


Melody Leon  19:45  



Isha  19:46  

Right? And so this is – I’m just thinking about that right now because I don’t have an easy time trusting people but when I’m in, in the hands of someone that is really, has really honed their craft like you, then I just like, I’m like wide open. I’m just like, do your thing. You know, and with some of some of my mentors, I’m just like, like, yeah, do it. Do what you need to do, you know? 


Melody Leon  20:12  

Yeah, that, that says a lot about you as a person. So, you know, when you – Ithink we all have moments where we are a little less trusting. We’ve all been through things. But the fact that you’ve gone through those things, and you’re able to like, really shed that, that fear or that block off enough to do it. Like, that’s just such a beautiful thing to say about you, as a woman, that says a lot about you. And I just want to commend you for allowing yourself to get out of your own way enough to just have that raw vulnerability. That’s beautiful. 


Isha  20:45  

Thank you, Melody. One thing that I really love about you too is your sense of humor. 


Melody Leon  20:52  

Oh, yeah, girl, that’s my favorite. 


Isha  20:53  

I, you know, look at some of your posts on Instagram and I’m just like, Oh, my God this is hilarious. You know? And I really, I had, again, this is just another piece of you like your authentic expression, connecting to the makeup, connecting to the compassion, connecting to the magic. And I want to know, like, where else do you do you use humor in your life? Like, how else does it support you and the work? 


Melody Leon  21:23  

Everywhere, girl. Because I’ll tell you one thing, healers – we’re intense. 


Isha  21:31  

Hells yeah. 


Melody Leon  21:34  

It gets really real in here, you know what I’m saying, so I found in – one of the best ways for me to allow for enough space between me and intensity so that I can process things compassionately – humor, sometimes… most times. Not a dismissive humor, but the type of humor that allows for a change in energy and state, so that I can step back, change the state enough, and then step back from a better energetic viewpoint, and then allow for things to process more deeply. I think, especially as women we’ve been taught to be shrunk. You know what I mean?


Isha  22:16  



Melody Leon  22:17  

And anytime we are too big, we have a tendency to police ourselves. So for me, in the beginning of my journey, when a lot of the things were brought up that were difficult for me to deal with, I noticed that my natural, my natural tendency was to make a joke about it, but it was dismissive. So I was like, okay, the joking is helping but the dismissive isn’t. So I started being able to kind of like fine tune my natural, you know, my natural tendency to be able to be more beneficial for me. And I’ve just always been a naturally funny person. So we incorporated like, my wife and I, we incorporate little things like, say we identify a pattern that doesn’t serve us. And then as we’re trying to show up as our best selves, we fall into that pattern. Rather than judge myself or judge her – are you familiar with DJ Khaled? 


Isha  23:08  

Yes, yes. 


Melody Leon  23:09  

So, like he has this one show that he was on where he told the dude, he was like, congratulations, you played yourself, right? So there’ll be times where we’re like, we’ll do things like that, like, I’ll fall into a pattern and she’ll be like, congratulations, you played yourself. Like you know what I mean? And it’s just so funny. And it just, it allows you to just like that, that tight butt energy, you know what I’m saying? Like, it just releases that and you’re like, yeah, I’m buggin’. I’m buggin’, yeah, I played myself right now. So. And I’ll do that like, even like when I’m going through that, when my wife is going through something, or really any time the energy just needs to be lightened a little, humor is a beautiful way to do it. You know, rather than ranting about for 20 minutes in the direction of why all of these things don’t feel good to me. I will just quickly make a joke and just be like, you know what, yeah, that’s definitely some bullshit, but now what? Like, you know what I mean? Because every moment that you spend in the energy of what you don’t like is, is a moment that you’re creating a future with those same feelings, because the universe is listening to your feelings and your expectations, not your words. So I think it’s really important to – whether it’s humor, whether it’s meditatio – to have some way of tracking your internal condition, and being able to say, is this in service of the direction I’m trying to go with my core values, and use something to help you pivot. 


Isha  24:39  

Mm-hmm, yeah, because I know that I have been very hard on myself. Like when I make mistakes, right? It’s like, I feel like empathic people tend to be really hard on themselves. And the humor just takes the sting out of it. It – yeah, creates a little bit of that lightness and that spaciousness to shift ro pivot in that moment. 


Melody Leon  25:02  



Isha  25:02  

Yeah, that is so true. Yeah. Yeah. And it, it’s, it’s that way of being gentle with yourself. 


Melody Leon  25:10  

Yeah, I think, you know, we all could use a little bit more self compassion and self love. 


Isha  25:16  



Melody Leon  25:17  

You know, we – that’s not something a lot of us are modeled, that’s not modeled for us.


Isha  25:22  



Melody Leon  25:22  

And, and you know, the way that a lot of us were raised and conditioned, even through schooling, is like, if you do bad, you’re punished, if you do good and other people like it, you’re rewarded.


Isha  25:37  

Yes. Right.


Melody Leon  25:37  

And often time that doesn’t – that works if you’re people pleasing, but it doesn’t work if you’re trying to be authentic and if you’re trying to like really honor yourself. It’s important that we start to train ourselves when things are difficult to have a level of compassion with ourselves. Because everything that we say, our body is listening. You know, we are, we are the, the, the observer, we are the energy. Shamans call it we’re the rider of the horse, like our body is the horse, and we’re the rider. And, and so when we speak our body’s listening, and so if we’re harsh with ourslelves, we got to look at it like if we were talking to a kid. If you scream at a kid, they’re going to like shrink up, and they’re not going to feel safe coming to you. So you have to also cultivate that within your body. So when your body brings something up, rather than being mean to yourself, create the space to say, you know what, that’s not in the direction that we want to go. And I forgive you, you know, you really got to talk to yourself in a compassionate way and allow for that space to take place and your body will respond to you differently once you start responding to it with more compassion. 


Isha  26:42  

That also ties into self trust, right? Like a trusting relationship with yourself. If you are punishing yourself with your internal dialogue, you’re going to shrink from yourself, you’re going to – you’re not going to have that compassionate gentle relationship. 


Melody Leon  26:57  



Isha  26:57  

Yeah. And it creates like a separation. 


Melody Leon  27:00  



Isha  27:00  

Where you’re not bonded to yourself. 


Melody Leon  27:03  

Right. Right.


Isha  27:03  



Melody Leon  27:04  

Because you know when you are not being honest with yourself, or when you’re not being kind to yourself, even if it’s not a logical thought process. 


Isha  27:11  



Melody Leon  27:12  

The way that you do this internal dance with self is really reliant, in order for you to take control in a, in an empowering way, it’s important that you give your body the reason to trust you, that you’ve cultivate those things. Because if you haven’t, it’s, you know, you’re not going to go as deep as you want to. 


Isha  27:32  

And you are really impeccable about vibration. 


Melody Leon  27:36  



Isha  27:36  

Yes, I find that you are really good at like just clearing, clearing, clearing everyday rituals, what are some of the rituals that you engage in to, to maintain that frequency, that vibration? 


Melody Leon  27:53  

Yeah, so first thing in the morning-ish, you know, sometimes it takes me a little bit to get here. I’m like, Oh, I’m here. But one of the things that I do is an opening ceremony, which basically is opening up the vibrations, like the fields of the energetic fields around me. I invite in different allies, I invite in my ancestors, I ask that not only am I blessed, but the spirits and the land that I’m on receive benefit and healing from the ceremony that I’m bringing. I make it a point to, one of the things I always say is place my brain in service of my heart, turn all my thoughts and actions to prayers and blessings. May I be used as a vessel for the highest good of everyone involved. You know, so I’m very deliberate, deliberate about the space that I create. I cleanse myself then I cleanse my home. 


Isha  28:42  

That’s just the morning ritual? 


Melody Leon  28:44  

Oh, yeah, that’s just the morning. Yeah. 


Isha  28:47  

Oh my god.


Melody Leon  28:49  

And that’s, and that’s, you know, so – but it can be done in a short amount of time. You know what I mean? 


Isha  28:54  

The beautiful intentionality of it. 


Melody Leon  28:57  

Oh, yeah, it’s important. Because your mind needs direction, your body needs direction, like we’ve been trained to look outside of ourselves, or look for something – to need direction. So you got to give it to yourself, you know, and call in all your support. So then throughout the day, you know, so I invite my ancestors to talk to me throughout the day to let me know what is there, let me know what they need for healing, and just invite all of those things into the day. And I remind myself that my time here on Earth, my air time, I want to be responsible for bringing love and healing and blessings. I believe that that’s what my purpose is. So I’m just very intentional about that. Throughout the day, I’ll do different things like smudge or light a candle or do something and then at the end, I kind of do all of it in reverse. Whereas if I ended off talking to Pacha Mama, and Papa Cielo, and then went into the different spirits at the end, I’ll start with the spirits and close off with Papa Cielo, you know and Pacha Mama and, and close the ceremony and thank them for the opportunity to provide healing for everyone involved. So it’s – that’s why I say I need my spirituality to be well. It directs my life. 


Isha  30:04  

Absolutely, yes, there’s a lot of um, it really holds your day. 


Melody Leon  30:09  



Isha  30:10  

The day, it holds your life, and I really love that. I love the intentionality, the opening of the day. the closing of the day. You know for some people it’s a gratitude practice. 


Melody Leon  30:19  



Isha  30:20  

I feel very grateful but I don’t have like a gratitude practice. But I look around and I’m just like I’m taking I’m taking it – it’s part of what I call pleasure practices. 


Melody Leon  30:28  

Mm-hmm. I love your pleasure practices.


Isha  30:31  

I also want to bring more real ritual into my day, like real things that I do that I can tangibly touch and feel, right? Yes. 


Melody Leon  30:45  

Well I often look at it like when you’re dating someone, right, you got to make time for them, you got to get to know them. And the part of you that is more intentional and more aligned with spirit in ways that you haven’t already mastered, you got to make time for that person. So I just, you know, people don’t need to commit their lives to it like I do, it’s just a matter of putting a couple things – you know that’s my sole purpose I know that. Um, but you can you can bring magical waves of change into your life by just, you know taking five minutes a day to to journal or to just – if you like candles and you like oils and herbs, like you know just do a little, a little practice, just – so if that’s something that interests you, you can definitely follow like on Facebook and Instagram, I am always putting little clips of little rituals that you can do, so it’s makeup and magik, magik with a k. 


Isha  31:37  



Melody Leon  31:37  

Um and those are those are just little practices that you can do. Just make it a point to say, on Wednesday at seven o’clock I’m going to do something and then make it fun. So it’s not like oh this is another thing I got to do, it’s like all right ancestors, seven o’clock i’m going to do it. Lead me to something that’s going to be fun to do this. And just go from there, don’t overthink it, make it a fun thing rather than an oh I got to do this thing. 


Isha  32:05  

Right, yes, yes. I have ot actually on my, on my phone calendar. I have a reminder, and it says invest in yourself as an energy being. 


Melody Leon  32:14  

Yes, I love it. 


Isha  32:15  

And if I don’t have it in there I won’t do it. But when I have it in there I’m just like, you know my, my rigidity is like oh, got to do that. You know? And I do it and I feel better afterwards. Sometimes my kids are fighting and I go to my candle, I change the water out, I light the sage and I’m like, I pray for harmony … and they stop. 


Melody Leon  32:37  

Yeah, you’re that powerful.


Isha  32:40  

Yeah. It’s just changed like, we are powerful beings and that intentionality really invites that power into the space. 


Melody Leon  32:49  



Isha  32:49  

I love it.


Melody Leon  32:50  

I think if you, if you take the time to study multiple religions you’ll see that many of them say that we have the power to command with our word. You have the power to shift things, which is the intentionality that we put out there. And if you’re willing to become curious about that and you’re willing to realize that you are worthy enough to really command that, you will quickly see that it’s real. And you’ll start to see, so, you know – quickly, when I coach people, when people come to me for extended periods of time, I created a system called dream big. And dream is a different, each letter is a phase for this process of connecting to your inner divine being, and as a result of doing those things, the big is breadcrumbs – you start to see breadcrumbs. So you’ll take a chance, you’ll see something and all of a sudden like, you believe that you can do this and then you put that intentionality out there, and you’ll start to see little breadcrumbs to let you know that this is real. And then after you do that for a while, ‘i’ is intuitively and instinctively, these things. [Phone rings]


Isha  33:59  

Oops, sorry about that. 


Melody Leon  34:01  

‘I’ is intuitively and instinctively, so these things start to come without you having to try and convince yourself so much. 


Isha  34:07  



Melody Leon  34:07  

And then ‘g’ is just, you’re grounded in that. That becomes a part of you. So I just want to encourage anybody to understand that like, this is a marathon not a race, but believe in yourself enough to be willing to be surprised and delighted. And just watch the bread crumbs come. 


Isha  34:25  

Yeah. And I think it’s so important for us to bring magic into our everyday lives because I think that is just one of the many ways that we bring the spirit world, or our divine, into the material world, right? Into our three dimensional existence. Right? And I feel like in order to really, really love yourself and really dismantle those internalized systems of oppression, we have to have a spiritual grounding, right, because when your brain is talking shit to you there has to be a bigger truth. Right? That you’re, that you live in. Right? To anchor in that. 


Melody Leon  35:11  

Yeah, that was beautifully said sis. No, that was beautifully said. And it is, it’s a part of who we are. And, and you know, it’s important that we bring it in and we understand that not only can we bring it into this realm, but we can change this realm with it. 


Isha  35:30  

Yeah, yeah. And what do you do Melody when, you know, like, a lot of, a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs, leaders are afraid of stepping into their power, building a business around this work. What were some of your biggest blocks and fears? 


Melody Leon  35:48  

Oh, um, well, for me, one of the biggest blocks was overcoming the trauma that was done to my throat chakra energy, by being told not to speak.


Isha  36:03  



Melody Leon  36:04  

A lot of the things that – I want to present this in a way that takes it outside the realm of transaction. It’s not like I bought a coach, they gave me a program, my business manifested, it’s, there’s an energy block, work on your own divinity. And the universe has a bigger plan that’s way better than anything that you can think of, before you invited energy, you know, or spirit to come in with you. So for me, I – what was really important for me was to get over that fear and just allow myself to speak. And I put it out there that I wanted to, I wanted to do this work fearlessly. And bit by bit, I was led to people who gave me the validation that I needed. And because I just, at that place, I wasn’t I wasn’t able to give myself that validation. You know, when you’re looking at coaches, and you’re looking at programs, they’re like, oh, well, what’s going to separate you from the person that has a doctorate? And I’m like, a gift that I was born with that they can’t teach, but okay.


Isha  37:13  

Yes, yes, yes. 


Melody Leon  37:14  

They don’t have this shit at Harvard, sis. However, I understood that, but I didn’t understand that. And I realized that there was a disconnect. And I just put that out there. So I would say one of the first things that I did was I realized that I had worth, I realized that this was my purpose. But I realized that there were things that were in the way and I had no idea how to deal with them. So I humbly asked Spirit to guide me. And then I was dedicated to the work that was presented to me to release all of those energetic blocks. And like magic, I was given opportunity after opportunity after opportunity that started to lead all these things. And then, you know, I was doing it, I was doing this very part time, I had a bridal business pre COVID doing makeup. And that all shut down with COVID. And now, like, and something inside of me was like, now you have no excuse. Because I would be invited to things but I had a wedding to do. I would be invited to speak but I had a wedding to do. So it – COVID – even though I don’t want to take away from some of the terrible things that came from it, it certainly provided the, uh –


Isha  38:21  

The push. 


Melody Leon  38:22  

Yeah, certainly. 


Isha  38:23  

Yeah. The push to, to step into the space that you were like sort of resisting. 


Melody Leon  38:30  

Like, don’t touch it. Right?


Isha  38:35  

Absolutely. Okay. So I want to let listeners know how to connect with you online, how to book a session with you, where can listeners find you? 


Melody Leon  38:50  

So if you’re looking to book a session, I can be found on makeup and magik with a k dot com forward slash chop. And you’ll be able to book a session there. And if you want to follow me on Instagram and Facebook, it’s both makeup and magik with a k. And you can like you’ll see on my Instagram it’ll say like, expect makeup magik, foul language and humor. You know what I mean? Because it really is me on social media. Like I am all over the place. I say some things that you’re like, did she just say that, I’m like, yes, I did. You know what I’m saying? And certain things only feel better when you end it with like, a ‘fuck.’ 


Isha  39:29  



Melody Leon  39:29  

Right? It’s just adds that like, oomph that’s needed, you know? So I like to really share some things that incorporate the blending of spirituality and just raw authenticity. And you know also some makeup and magic tips in there too. 


Isha  39:45  

Mmm. Que rico, this is – this feels so good. So final question, Melody. 


Melody Leon  39:52  



Isha  39:53  

What does being a rompereglas mean to you, in your life? 


Melody Leon  40:01  

Yeah, I think for me, it means that I, I get to show up in a way that is just free and authentic and empowered. It means giving people permission to shine just by being my authentic self. And it means knowing that what I’m choosing to bring into this world is going to have a ripple effect for generations to come. So that’s what it means to me. 


Isha  40:29  

Beautiful, beautiful. Thank you so much for, for agreeing to, to be in this together. I’m, I’m so in my pleasure. 


Melody Leon  40:39  

Yes, sis. Well, thank you for not only inviting me to be a part of this, but just – for just being who you are. I feel like just in the short amount of time that I’ve known you and gotten to work with you, you’ve introduced an energy and a perception into my life that has really helped me grow too. So I’m just really grateful that we’ve crossed paths. 


Isha  40:57  

Yes, me too. Thank you so much. 


Melody Leon  41:00  

Yes, sis. Thank you too, have a great day.


Isha  41:04  

Okay, that’s it for today’s episode. I hope that this conversation moved some energy for you. And if you found this valuable, it would mean so much if you contributed to the sisterhood and shared it with a friend. Remember to hit the subscribe button so that you get notified of new episodes dropping on the new and full moons of each month. If you haven’t already, leave us a five star review and make sure that everyone who needs this transmission gets it. See you next time, Rompereglas.