Finding home with leanna jane lewis


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Welcome to the Revolutionary Rompereglas Podcast where we converge at the intersection of trauma healing, embodied spirituality, decolonization, pleasure, intimacy, leadership and culture change. I’m Isha Vela, trauma psychologist and somatic expressive energy Alchemist for healers, change agents and bridge builders. You’re here because you believe that unraveling fractured concepts that live in your emotional, spiritual and mental systems, while moving toward embodied sovereignty is the real work toward your personal liberation and our collective evolution. In this first season of the podcast, I’m interviewing New Earth leaders who are sharing their personal journeys, and how it’s brought them to the purpose led work they do now. Occasionally, I’ll chime in with my own inspired episodes. My intention is that the conversations and tools shared in this podcast will inspire and support you on your own magical human journey to owning yourself fully.

Leanna thank you so much for being here on the podcast. Oh, yes, yeah. So Leanna is a healer, who helps women take their vision off the dusty shelf, and activate it here on the ground level, while healing all the fields that inevitably come up, around being seen and taking concrete action towards what they deeply desire. And she supports women in fully owning their desires, and healing the deep wounds they carry, so that they can hold and sustain the vision. So and you say, you know, an important piece that I would love you to speak a little bit more about is the process of collective reconciliation process that begins with the self moving towards wholeness, right and dissolving collective divide, so speak a little bit to that piece.

Unknown Speaker 2:07
Yeah, the reconciliation, such a powerful word because so I have guides, they, sometimes they talk from my left or my right, but they’re always sort of dropping little bits in, and they’ve been giving me this word reconciliation for a while, which isn’t my word, and it’s certainly it’s a word that brings up a lot as a Canadian, we are in the Truth and Reconciliation phase as Canadians are supposed to be. And really, that’s, that’s a process of reconciling the past history, between indigenous communities throughout Canada, non indigenous communities. And really finding a way to honor this happened, this is how it happened. This is what really went on and kind of really decolonizing that lens, if you will, we’re uncolonized, as you mentioned yesterday, of just stripping away what we think history is, and really listening to all the different voices. And I think for us to do that, as non indigenous peoples, we have to be able to have a clear system that can handle discomfort, that can handle conversations that we never really had to have, and really seeing our own privilege in that and then also going okay, but there’s listening that I need to do it, it’s really just learning how to be an absolutely pristine listener, without letting your own stuff get in the way so that you get your backup and you just want to try and find a way out of the discomfort or taking responsibility or ownership or, you know, so that’s really reconciliation is like it comes down to this is I have two different voices, and they both want to different things. How can I reconcile that? I want to go out, I want to Netflix and chill. It’s that simple. And so what’s the process you have for allowing these two parts to be and bringing them together so that you can move forward? Yeah, when you can do that within yourself effortlessly, or at least at an easier level? Now you can sit and actually listen to somebody. Yeah, you know, and it’s kind of just it’s meta, but also not very practical.

Isha 4:21
And you’re really highly skilled, like, I don’t know what all your certifications are, but you I experienced you as being highly skilled in, in being able to attune to and listen to all of the parts of ourselves that are like, vying for attention or getting activated. And to really like, go to each and figure out what they all need. Oh, yes. And stay present in the process. So I would love for you to describe like what is your What is your process look like in reconciliation work?

Unknown Speaker 4:59
Yeah, well, I’ll tell Right now I have a lot of different voices right now that as soon as that and they get triggered, right, they get triggered by the external world, right? Yeah. You said you’re highly skilled, I had a part that like, had the coffee mug and spat it out like, What? What are you talking about? Like, she’s kind of she’s just like, Yeah, no, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Right. And another part that’s really afraid to let that be seen. Like, very quickly, I was like, What if a client watches this and didn’t have a good experience, and maybe messages me and calls me and is like, You’re lying to the world Leanna. So I have to notice, I can’t just push them away, because they’re inconvenient, I just have to ask them to relax back a little bit. This is very, very part work, right? This is very, very Richard squirts of me of like, asking the parts to just, there’s nothing they have to do, they don’t have to defend me here, they don’t have to take a stand. They don’t have to get in the conversation. Like none of that has to happen. And so once I can do that, now I have more space, to like, really be present. And to really access that self in me. That feels connected to the work that I do and knows it’s for a bigger purpose. Right?

Isha 6:26
Yeah. And that’s, that’s, um, that’s a piece that I would really like you to bring in to this conversation is like, you know, we experience all of this activation and mental chatter and, and things that get in the way of this connection to true self authenticity, core source, whatever you want to call it within, or the divine within. Like, this is something that you teach consistently is returning to that sources, like re resourcing in that place or resting in that place. Yeah. By having a relationship to all of these different parts of us that get activated. And so I would love for you to share a little bit about Yeah, you know, yeah, those experiences that what you teach,

Unknown Speaker 7:20
yeah, so the word relationship really comes up. So I think, and I say this over and over again, like we somehow the the memo got mixed up, like a little mixed up in the self development world of like, releasing and letting go means that you cut parts of yourself off that are inconvenient, uncomfortable, you know, just not supposed to be here. Like, it’s not supposed to be this person. I’m not supposed to have these thoughts. I’m not supposed to be this way. This is ridiculous. Like, like God was handing out normalcy normality. And I missed the freaking memo of like, when to be there and when to get the thing from God. And it’s like, we all think we’re messed up. Right? Right. And so like, and just being so so hyper vigilant and so hyper aware of like, what’s happening, but it’s all about relationship, right? So. So I think we’ve, we’ve somehow learned that that for us to be okay, we have to completely cut these parts off. And the truth is, is that these are often parts that actually carry the medicine we’re here to give, right? Like my part of my medicine is is is this liberation or this freedom from the dissolving the imagine constraints and restrictions we have? And who best dissolves restrictions than a child? Because they don’t have any

Isha 8:39
sort of things? Oh, yeah, like, it’s

Unknown Speaker 8:43
like that six year old who’s running through the flowers free as all can be before the world got ahold of her. Yeah, right. And so that’s that she has an incredible amount of resources for me to remember that that’s also who I am. And so I think the relationship matters in terms of how do I connect with the parts of me that try to keep her away because she also carries you know, an important smaller parts of me carry, you know, not so good feelings, and not so good memories. And I think to myself, if I can say this, honestly, I really had a great childhood, when all is said and done. And I know it does us no favors to compare ourselves to other people, because we all have our thing. And who knows what lifetimes I carry, but I can honestly say like, yep, there was some tough times and yeah, like my parents weren’t like, you know, they they did their thing, just like they learned right? And of course, of course, but I was okay. And if I come out of this still feeling completely disarrayed some days and messed up. What does that mean? For people who legitimately have had some very big traumas in their life where they witnessed murder, or they’re in a war torn, and so it really briefly calls me forward to just sort of see it as a bigger picture beyond myself, right? Yes, yes. And so there is a part of me that’s like, Oh, your Can I be really honest, there’s a part of me that’s like, you haven’t had enough trouble in trauma in your life to be able to guide. You’ve got it to good woman. And it’s like, Dan, I make myself wrong for having a good childhood. Like, when are we going to give ourselves a break?

Isha 10:39
Exactly, exactly. Yeah, yeah, we

Unknown Speaker 10:42
can just let it be okay.

Isha 10:43
Yeah, from that place of like, Oh, never good enough. never good enough.

Unknown Speaker 10:48
Even even when it’s good. It’s not enough. Like we will What? Why are we doing it this way? And so when you start to kind of uncover that, like, Well, why am I doing it this way? Like, where did that come from? What’s that about? How does? How does that show up? And how do I respond to it? That’s what relationship really is. It’s a response you have to what is in you and around you. It’s the response you have. And sometimes it’s so natural to have a certain response. Like I feel very natural around you, there’s something in you, that feels very natural, right? And I just needed to say that because I’m like, I like that I showed you my dress the other day. I’m like, I just want to show my baby. Like, like, I just feel really involved in life when I’m around you. Right? And I think I think there’s something in that and and I just wanted to note that that’s a total sidetrack, but rein me back in woman rein me back in.

Isha 11:49
Love it. So you, when we first got on this call, you spoke about guides, and I, I really, you know, part of my my mission is to have people be guided by their intuition. So yeah, I would love for you to share your story of coming into that trust of intuition. Yeah. Yeah. What was what was the journey? like for you?

Unknown Speaker 12:18
Yeah, I still don’t trust my intuition. All the time. I just trust it more than I don’t. Yeah, I just want to like clarify that intuition is not it’s not the end all be all. I think I started writing this and our messaging, like, it’s not the gold seal of approval that everything’s okay. Sometimes intuition is incredibly unsettling in your system. Yes. To know something. Yes. Like, and to not even have a language for it. Like there’s just this knowing of something that I’ve experienced, whether it’s a past life, like I can’t I don’t have language for it. Yes. And so, you know, intuition runs on the spectrum of sometimes, even last night. So last night, we had big rainfall, and I and I was scrolling my feed, and I saw somebody had a flood in their basement, and it got me remembering like, Oh, yeah, we’ve got to check our basement. And I told my husband and he said, this morning goes, that was so good that you said that, because there was a burning plastic down there. He’s like, Good on you, and following your intuition. And I said, Hmm, it’s not really intuition. It’s just paying attention. And you get these little drop ins and hints. And maybe that’s your angels. Maybe that’s your guides. Maybe that’s God, maybe that’s just you paying attention. So there’s like intuition. It I did this teaching like years ago, and I still think it’s true, where it runs on a spectrum of sometimes we’re just accessing tips and tricks we’ve learned because we’ve just been paying attention. And then other times, it’s because there’s some prior knowledge that we forgot that we remember, if that makes sense. I know that sounds contradictory, but it’s like you go out, and you’ve spent, you know, hundreds of hours as a child out in the woods. Yeah. And you’ve been told all these things about plants and then you know, you go out and you see a new plant and you don’t have a reason why but you just know, that doesn’t feel right to pick that plant and consume it. And so is that intuition or is this just a remembering that you have of information that you’ve received, right, and then there’s intuition where you’re driving your car and something tells you pull over and you pull over and right behind you comes rearing transport truck that would have smashed you? Right? So it’s just it shows up in all different ways. I think sometimes we can deny our knowing and our intuition until we backed ourselves into a corner and and that’s my experience in my journey of stepping away from teaching and really going full into my full decision to be here in my business. It’s like I backed myself into a corner like I got so exhausted. I got so worn out. I was like, I’m gonna make it so that I have no other choice. Wow, I can’t even say it was in tuition other than I knew it for so long and just didn’t do anything about it.

Isha 15:05
Yes, yes. It’s like we press the ignore button, right? It’s like I’m not going to write it’s the attention thing. I’m not paying attention to you. I’m just going to keep going on my trajectory. Yes, because this is more comfortable. And I’m kind of scared about what’s waiting for me over there. It’s that

Unknown Speaker 15:20
but I honestly think it’s shows up I think for people like I just got to get through this week. Yeah, really gonna be crazy for the next month. Like, I’m gonna wait till I’m finished my school year, I’m gonna wait till March Break, I’m gonna wait till this, this, that and the other, we delay delay, delay. It’s a delay, right? It’s a delay, delay delay. Until I think this is how we move through intuition. In our real day to day life. I can I say that I had this like, profound moment. I mean, there was a few of them. But not all of them felt good. Like one was like picking up my daughter’s crib sheets that I had neglected because I was so pregnant and so tired. And she had just like, you know, she has sniffly nose, maybe her eyes, whatever. And it’s like, literally crunched up like it’s in a particular shape that a sheet should not be in. And I’m looking at it like, this is such a metaphor. Like, where my priorities are like, and knowing like, this is not how I want to be this is not the mother I want to be this is not the person I want to be. And just kind of knowing that this is my limit. This is where I can not pay attention now.

Isha 16:35
Yeah. And so yeah, sometimes we make a decision from from places where we’re backed in a corner,

Unknown Speaker 16:41
where we’ve got ourselves into a corner, right? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. consciously or unconsciously, by

Isha 16:49
not responding to? Yeah. Because

Unknown Speaker 16:53
our parts are really good. They’re very, very effective at keeping us toeing the line.

Isha 16:59
So why is that?

Unknown Speaker 17:02
Because our brains and our systems are so brilliant. And we’re so good at, I mean, take this association, like what a brilliant way to continue to agree to stay here. Like, what a friggin amazing thing we have. We’ve got these parts that just there’s and I was just writing a post on this. It’s like, it’s like that 16 year old that’s like, I’m not going to the prom, like whatever problems are right? Like, whatever those people are like, I’m not joining sports teams, because that’s too chummy, chummy. And it’s this like, very interesting level of dissociation where you’re like, I’m just not going to go there. Because that’s scary, and it can hurt me. So I’m going to pull myself away, and be like, that’s not for me. Mm hmm. Right, even it’s like that. It’s like, I’m kind of too cool. And these are brilliant parts that come in to quell the fire inside of you to quell the feelings. And it’s just like your, your brain can literally only handle a percentage of information coming in. Yeah, quite a small percentage, actually. Because if you really took in all the information outside of you, like if I really took in this tree, and everything about this tree, I’m staring at like, I would explain the Oneness would take me over, like, friggin knock me over. Right? So, we have these really brilliant parts that come in. The problem with that is I’m not 16 anymore. Yeah, I’m in my early 40s I’ve got a ton of tools. I have wonderful husband, a family that loves me. Friends that care deeply about me. Like, yeah, yeah, I don’t have to not go to the prom anymore. Yeah, even though I went to the prom, but like as a metaphor, like

Isha 18:52
Yeah, yeah, the thing around the thing around attending to the parts. You know, there’s, you have this relationship with them. And you can you can ask them to do things for you. You can ask them to take a breath and move back. Yeah, UK, you can sort of move them around your inner field. Yes. And, and, and make space for this. This contact with yourself? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:26
Yeah. And sometimes they’re so powerful that they can have you thinking it’s who you

Isha 19:32
are. say more about that. I think that’s it.

Unknown Speaker 19:34
Yeah. So that um, it’s called blending but basically it’s, it’s when you have a part that’s so wanting to take over and can take over that you can’t not experience all the feelings that it has all the thoughts that it has all the sensations, and there’s a there there. There’s a part of you that knows this. This isn’t me like, and that’s why you want to get out of it. Yes, you can’t just kick a shot like you would never kick a child out to the curb and be like, good luck out there, like you’re not wanted. And that’s why it doesn’t work to cut to cut those parts off or to let them go. Because like, I can’t, it’s like cutting off a limb. Absolutely. Right. And so they will literally latch on to you. And they will really try to take over, but it’s because you gotta sit and listen to them, and witness them and, and get them really deeply be willing to get them. And the self that divinity of you that that God’s source creation of you is unwavering. And it can completely handle any of it. Right? And so there is this beauty in that separation, where we recognize I’m not the thoughts, feelings, sensations or beliefs that this six year old had. But I am experiencing it. It’s in my body. So there’s this level of response required, which is responsibility, right? Yes, I did that I I have to respond to this. And that’s why many people are drawn into this spiritual work is because they’re like, I know that this isn’t me. And now what?

Isha 21:18
Right, right. Yeah. Wow, I’m thinking about when you’re sharing that example, I’m thinking about moments in my life where I’ve felt either unworthy or unwanted or rejectable. You know, and it’s felt so closely connected to my ego. Yeah, that ego identity that it Yeah, it’s felt like I can’t separate it.

Unknown Speaker 21:46
can’t separate it. Yeah, yeah. can’t separate it. And when like that,

Isha 21:51
yeah, and, you know, I can’t even I can’t even describe to you how it became separate. But you know, just through this process of this four year training, but but I would do you have like, a way for people to begin to begin that process of like, maybe like a healthy detachment, or

Unknown Speaker 22:14
some parts are reliably and I also just want to really clarify here, if you are hearing this, it’s resonating with you. So I don’t do parts work as a in its entirety. But I’ve learned that I’ve spent the last year learning it and I can tell you that it matches so well with what I’ve learned in NLP and my yoga and just my Reiki that, oh, this fits so perfectly right? And I think that’s the beauty of it. Yeah. Um, but if you’re, if you’re listening, and like, I just want to know more, definitely go look it up. It’s called internal family systems. Richard Swartz was the founder of it. He’s been doing it for decades, and you can just YouTube him, and he’s just fascinating to listen. So I just want to say that, yeah, um, but yeah, so the parts are the voices in your head, despite what we may think are reliably responsive. In other words, they are agreeable, they will agree to step back and give you space for the most part, nine times out of 10, they will. And immediately you start to feel the sensations of the truth of you, which is calm, and now you’re connected, because you’ve, you’ve built that connection versus like, this is who I am, it’s like, yeah, peel it off a little bit and go, right, there’s a part of me, that really believes I can’t do anything, right.

Isha 23:32
So even just naming, naming, it already creates a little bit of that separation, where you haven’t just like peeling it off yourself and looking at it, right.

Unknown Speaker 23:43
And so this is why quantum healing is so powerful in in the way that I do it and have learned and been mentored and doing it is that it’s just simply about speaking your truth. So now instead of trying to sort it, and organize it, and file it, make sense of it and hold it here, and in our body, on our own, isolating ourselves, basically, yeah, from the very thing that we need, which is other humans and humans. Now we take it out of our body, and we give it language. And as you know, language is incredibly powerful, it carries a vibration. So in some way, we’ve taken this thing, let’s call it a little thing. And we’ve taken it and we’ve gotten it literally out of our body. It also works with parts work, because now we can get curious about that. The part of you that has this thought feeling sensation or belief that you’ve just named Yeah, let’s talk about that. Let’s meet with that. Let’s ask this part of us this entity, if you will, what does it need us to know because it needs us to know something? Yeah, we just to get something. Yeah, and bear witness to it. And then from there, it’s like imagine that this is like a little you and it’s carrying energy. And by listening to it, it also gets to speak its truth and it And that’s really what releasing and dissolving and letting go is about Yes. It’s not about finding ways to turn the volume down. It’s actually about finding the sacred, reclaiming that sacred path to actually turning the volume up.

Isha 25:16
To be able to listen to what that part of you wants to say what it needs to express. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:23
Yeah. And you ensure that you have a level of clear clean curiosity toward this park. Yeah, you don’t hate on it. Like, how you’re feeling about it? If you’re hating on it, then that’s not really you.

Isha 25:38
Yeah, right, right.

Unknown Speaker 25:42
Like, can you give me some space now? It’s just like, constantly like, yeah, sweeping these parts aside, not because you don’t want to listen to them. But like, just like, if I’m cooking a meal, and my daughter needs me, I can’t do both.

Isha 25:57
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. No, I love that. I love that. And that that happens a lot with clients. Yeah, like curious about it. And then there’s judgment. They’re, like, totally, like, why are you here? Why is here?

Unknown Speaker 26:11
Why are you still here? Right? And that’s not listening, right? That’s not listening. That’s coming at somebody. Yeah, that’s like rule number one in a marriage, like don’t assume anything.

Isha 26:24
Hi there. I just wanted to interrupt my conversation with Leanna for a moment, to talk about all of the offerings that are happening in October. In addition to finding home the workshop for visionaries, craving deeper alignment with their voice, truth and sovereign being that I’m doing with Leanna. On Friday, the 22nd, from noon to 3pm, PST, I am also offering with the support and the CO creation of oriola collective, we’re doing in person retreat, a one day retreat called Yes, I made of arrows, a body centered retreat, which is a full day in person initiatory energetic experience. And that is about, you know, allowing yourself to be guided and dropping gently into the body, supporting a sense of belonging, self trust and safety in the body, releasing victimhood and shame so that you can, you know, lean into your internal world with a sense of self trust and intimacy. And also like connecting the individual to the collective, and also understanding your unique energy blueprint and devotional practice that can nurture the gifts that are actually part of your purpose. So that is happening on Saturday, October 16, at firing farm in Portland, Connecticut, and there are payment tiers, from $50 to $450. The application deadline is in two days on October 8, so get in there. The third offering is called intimate and open. It’s a panel for the romantic, open hearted and perhaps overwhelmed male seeker. So this panel is for men. It’s happening on Monday, October 25, from 7pm to 830. And that is with Tessa Crone of the open Lester’s and Enchantress, Shane, that’s only $18. And I including all of these links in the show notes. Alright, I hope to see you at one of those things. Because these are really, really special offerings that are happening with some beautiful people in my life. And I hope that you get to partake in them. All right, by Right, right. You

Unknown Speaker 29:03
don’t like because you don’t want to be married to me because you don’t take me on a date anymore. I don’t know. Is that true? Have you checked it out? Like rule number one? Don’t assume what your parts are thinking? Yeah, listen to them. You be absolutely surprised just like I had mentioned that 10 year old part. I was like,

Isha 29:21
what was the total opposite like? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:25
surprise pleasantly.

Isha 29:26
And when you when you’re working, you know you work with primarily entrepreneurs, healers,

Unknown Speaker 29:33
primarily, but not exclusively. So that was never an intended thing. It’s just sort of what’s happened. Yeah, that’s a real internal battle that I kind of go through on every launch. I’m like, Oh my god, who’s it for? I don’t know. Should it be for just visionaries stick with just visionaries because that’s pretty umbrella. Like maybe not everybody’s in a business. You can’t really help them get their business. It’s about them. And so it’s like this constant. Yeah. But I will tell you that a lot of women I work with Yes, they Are visionaries that are activating that online as healers, lightworkers.

Isha 30:04
Yeah, lovers, and you really get into that, that inner work that allows the process of building what you desire, whether it’s a business or a project or whatever, to be able to facilitate the building of that process.

Unknown Speaker 30:24
Yeah. And it’s a lot of it is just really around creating a new language for yourself. If I was really to strip it down, it’s like, it’s giving them offerings of a new language. So they literally Tell me after like, I heard your voice in my head. And I’m like, it’s my voice. But it’s like, it’s you recognizing that this is another way you can do it. Yeah. Yeah, I just think that’s what if unlearning is about that, I think it’s not fair to expect us to remember this ancient knowledge that has taken generations to almost be dissolved. Yeah. So we need to have explicit teaching at some point. Yeah. Right. It’s like you want to know how to deal with the voices in your head? Here’s one way first you do this, then this, then that? Try it? Oh, my God. Great. Keep doing it. Like I just think we sometimes coaching gives us too much of an area to figure it out. And we just need explicit.

Isha 31:16
Yes, steps steps. Yeah. And I, I really love about your posts and your writing and your approach that you like, nothing is wrong. No, nothing is wrong. Nothing is wrong. It all gets to be here. I really love that. Yeah, that frame alone. Yes. relaxes the nervous system.

Unknown Speaker 31:41
Yeah. Because it is true that nothing is wrong. But also, that’s what abundance is about. Hmm. Right? Like people want abundance, start within yourself that all thoughts, feelings, sensations and beliefs are here. And they’re all tied back. They all go back to love. There’s an abundance of love within me, even when I have a thought that I think that part of me thinks isn’t good or right. The truth of me knows it is and there’s an abundance of love in me. I love you. And I’m saying I love

Isha 32:16
how you just said it. Because I’ve never said it that way. Every part of you, even the parts that you dislike the ones that you’re afraid of the ones that you boid they all go back to love.

Unknown Speaker 32:32
It’s all goes back to love. Like at the end of the day when everything is stripped down. It’s all love. And so that’s what abundance to me is about right that that’s brilliant right there. Yeah. Yeah, so nothing is wrong. And what a great place to start from. Now you’ve cleared out 90% of your problems, right? Exactly. Like that, you know, when they take with what’s the problem you solve? I never know the answer to that one day to the other like, definitively. I’m like, Well, today it’s this. Let’s see what tomorrow is. But, but a big one is like this, that that we’re the problem? Mm hmm.

Isha 33:15
Yeah. Oh, absolutely. Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah. And say a little bit more this. I’m sort of just doing a big jump from here. We had been talking about intuition. Yes. And I remember you yesterday, we had a meeting yesterday, and we were talking about intuition and boundaries.

Unknown Speaker 33:38
Yeah, I’m still like, I’m still kind of opening that little gift beyond like, what else is in here? Right? Because at first I notice a part that’s like, we have no idea what the connection is. We just don’t know anything. And it’s like convincing me Leanna you have no idea you didn’t sit with it last night, you didn’t write anything. Don’t talk about it divert, divert to something else like this is and this is the work like I noticed that part, right? And it’s like, yeah, I get it wants me to get it right. It wants me to help the people that are listening and do it in a good way like it really. And so it just doesn’t want me to mess up. And if I asked this part to sit back and relax, now self can come through and i and i can say that’s an example of intuition and boundaries, I have to have boundaries with my own parts, and an agreement between myself and my voices, so that I can open up and say, Yeah, when I can do that, now I have this level of clarity naturally in me, where I can receive intuitive information. And so intuition right now and intuitively, like being able to know my next step is to say that’s an example. What I just shared is an example. have boundaries and intuition where the better you are with your own internal boundaries with your voices, the better you are able to access intuition and know the next thing to say. Do you see how it’s all? Yeah. And that’s all just being present in the moment. Which self can do parts? Not so much.

Isha 35:19
So yes, that’s much fun because you talk about intuition and boundaries and

Unknown Speaker 35:26
that way, in this way, yeah, yeah, one sense,

Isha 35:29
in one sense. And I feel like there’s another piece where, how I’ve experienced some of the voices in some of my very pushy guides have been like now. And I’m just like, Whoa, I can’t do that. I can’t do that now. And they’re like, wow, yeah. And I remember my, my very kind therapists in the moment being like, you know, you can dictate your own pace. Yep. Because sometimes the guys are very loud, very pushy, very, like, they don’t have a sense of time. Yep. You know, and so we have to set that pace, we have the power to set that pace, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 36:09
And interpretation, right, exactly right. Because every project or vision or thing that we’re here to do isn’t what isn’t just this big one grandiose Hollywood step. It’s a series of small decisions every day. Starting now could just be well, I’m deciding it’s starting. Great. I’ve decided there’s nothing more uncomfortable. And my sister reminds me I told her this years ago, she’s like I say this all the time. It’s like there’s nothing more uncomfortable in our body is the moment before we’ve made a decision. Because we haven’t landed anywhere. We’re just like, Oh, yeah, it is hard to kind of Intuit from that place. Because, you know, it’s it’s better when we’re grounded in a choice or decision or commitment for intuition to actually work because now we’re willing to listen to

Isha 36:59
it. Yeah, yeah. That’s great. So to

Unknown Speaker 37:04
it, yeah. Always. Yeah.

Isha 37:09
I want us to take some time to talk about a project that you and I are working on together.

Unknown Speaker 37:14
Hello. Yeah, definitely. Oh, yeah. Yes. Obviously. I’m so

Isha 37:24
excited. Yeah. And it’s called finding home yeah. So let’s talk about who it’s for and and what we’re doing together here.

Unknown Speaker 37:33
Yeah. Do you want to like I’ve done I mean, well at least I have a part that’s a you have talked to knock girl like

Isha 37:40
oh, this is you I really want you to take up space I want people to really experience your personality and and the energy with which you step into this cool supportive role. I know I really love it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 37:58
please. Okay, cool. And this is also nice because it’ll help with the intuition and boundaries like I think when we tell it through an actual story concrete anecdotal. Yeah, so so I was in my kitchen and I was walking by my table and I just became very aware that we were supposed to do workshop together or that I wanted truthfully it’s like I’m launching something and I’m like I want to do this workshop I’m like, you know what this workshop also really really needs is somebody to do it this also in the workshop which is where you came in, which is more of the body stuff and like the movement and I just see you so in your body and just so able to coach from that place. And I love coaching what’s happening up here it’s like I can help you with this stuff. Right and so it just made sense it’s like what does this kind of quantum healing approach really need because we’re working like with what’s happening here and dropping it into the body? Yes, it needs a place to be in the body safely to move energy like just that extra little fright Yeah, so obviously you came to mind and I sat there and I went okay, I got a messenger and it was just this intuitive like this that okay, this makes too much sense not to do anything about it because we get downloads all damn day like I’ve got 25 ideas I had today but like How many are you going to do this sounds like you’re going to do this is very clear and and i i when i messaged you, I was a bit nervous because I’m like, I don’t know what she thinks of me if that’s something she has time for, right? Like I’m always kind of like heII like a bit mostly sometimes. Depending on where I am in my cycle. Yeah, hey, I’ve already shown you my boobs. Let’s do let’s do a workshop together like let’s just do that. And I just enjoy like your energy right? And the reception was like better than I could have imagined. So and I think this is kind of where the boundaries comes in where it’s like, Okay, cool. Like we both agree how cool this would be. That does not guarantee it’s not going to like unravel and fall apart because I’ve had many of these initial meetings and it’s like, oh, okay, maybe not like maybe we don’t take this. But this is a cool thing. Something else. Yeah. I think this is where like this beautiful boundaries, in a sense of what’s the netting? What’s going to hold this together? What are our agreements that we come and go at it very much the same as when I’m setting up a group container? Yeah, we all agreeing to when we use our language, and we, how do we show up here? And like, you know, are there any no go zones? And it’s like, not really, but maybe, you know, so I think that is really where boundaries came in where I can clarify, you know, how much do we want to charge? What is our launch system going to be? Because I’ve had this experience where I ended up doing just like high school projects, I ended up doing 90% of it. Yeah, yeah. didn’t work out.

Isha 40:49
Right. Right. Yeah. Just the structure. And yeah, the agreements of how our, how we’re going to co create, how are

Unknown Speaker 40:55
we going to do this? Yeah, what’s it actually going to look like? Yes, right. And because I’ve had an actually having that face to face meeting was really important. And so I also have to hold the boundary in myself of choosing myself and honoring what I need, which is like, boxers cool. But for me to feel really safe. And for my nervous system to want to go ahead with this. And to trust this. I, we need to have a meeting face to face where we can just get it out. And now I feel like a million times better. So there’s a part of me that’s go with the flow. Easy peasy. Like. And also, I love some kind of structure. Yeah, I feel safe. And I learned that teaching kindergarten for years and years. They need both.

Isha 41:46
Yeah. And even even sometimes we need structure even to so that we can depart from it.

Unknown Speaker 41:54
Excuse me. Yes. That’s the whole thing. It’s like if we’ve like halfway through, we’re like, oh my god, we’re gonna ditch this and do this. Great. At least we have something to step off of yet of like, Oh my god, let’s go to that rock. No, maybe that rock? I don’t know. We’ll get across. It’s fine. You can. You can step rock by rock. But yeah.

Isha 42:17
So yeah, so let’s talk about remembering boundaries and intuition like this. Yeah, this is sort of what we’re offering. Yeah, it’s part of a pillar. Yeah. three pillars as part of this quantum healing experience. Yeah, boundaries, remembering and intuition, and intuition. And they just so beautifully, in a sense, they’re all the same. It all goes back to love. It all goes. When I say love,

Unknown Speaker 42:49
I’m really talking about divine I’m talking about creator, I’m talking about God, I’m talking about source. We’re talking about this highest level of conscious ness is like, it’s love at the end. Right? And, you know, but for all of them, all three of them. Yeah. What did you want to dig into the remembering? So he just said, You know,

Isha 43:08
I wanted to talk about, like, you know, you talked about these three pillars, how they’re all, they all go together? Yeah, we’re separating them. We’re teaching them, you know, what are what are we? What are we offering as part of the experience? Like, I want, I want listeners to like, hear what they’re getting out of this experience?

Unknown Speaker 43:30
Yeah. So for me, the intention comes So naturally, because that the intuition, like it would just the way that the, it came to me was like, This just makes sense, right? So my invitation for those coming my offering my intention, my deepest desire, is that they leave with an ability to work with the voices in their head, that they can use on a repeat Yes. And that they, that we practice it, and that they, that their body learns that it’s safe to say what’s really happening. And to, to, to be willing to go, Well, what lives under that, and what lives under that. That’s kind of how I sort of guide people through as we say, you know, what are you aware of? I mean, what is what is what is right now? Yeah, why are you here? It’s like, what lives under that. And so there’s this process of speaking your truth, but then kind of being able to put that in some kind of a process or context, which is where we start to really open the idea that that you have parts to you and yeah, aren’t you and so like, giving that process and then also my hope is that your medicine can release the tension or energy that does get built up over decades and decades. Yeah, you know, at least to have some knowing that, that you can do this that your body Capable of releasing energy?

Isha 45:02
Yes and Tommy Yeah, we talked about like, supporting people in moving from sympathetic to parasympathetic. Yeah, from from a fight or flight or even freeze or fun mode, it that safe and social right into that, like, you know yesterday I talked about like the helicopter landing pad the the child’s pose on the yoga mat, this this this landing place of safety from which you can then write contact source more deeply or create, you know, yeah, from a restaurant recovery

Unknown Speaker 45:39
place exactly in a place of activation. And so why is this for visionaries for me is because without these essential key skills, to be in your mind and in your body in a good way, you are going to make it infinitely more difficult to show up to be visible to take risks, to expand yourself to to do just small little things like what are you going to do if you have a bad day? And a voice really wants to take over? Well, then you’re at the whim of that. And you’re going to go, you know, hide under your covers, and like Netflix beyond chill. Yeah, I’m like, what happens? What’s the outcome is that people don’t get your medicine. Yes, we all suffer. And it’s like it doesn’t and I know that because I’ve done it. Yes, me. I Oh, god it for so long. And I’m like, and I still go through those phases, but they’re not as long or painful. Yeah, I want to normalize that. But that isn’t To me, that’s an essential skill. And it all leads to being able to make a decision and commitment and follow through which is essential as a visionary. Without that you’ve got a vision that some days it’s on some days, it’s not you’ll get there when you get there. I’ll follow the signs. And it’s like, it’s so loosey goosey. Yeah, who loosey goosey. And it takes infinitely longer to do.

Isha 46:59
Oh my god. Yes. So you don’t have to do it that way. Yeah. So this is like this is you get frameworks, you get concrete skills to manage the inevitable shit that comes up on the path to doing spiritual work or visionary work or spiritual entrepreneurship, right to be able to hold ourselves and all of those experiences to be able to keep moving the vision forward to keep sharing your magic and medicine

Unknown Speaker 47:34
to keep showing up. Yeah, because it’s, if you’ve chosen to be a visionary, you’ve chosen to put yourself out there online.

Isha 47:42

Unknown Speaker 47:44
That’s not easy to do for everyone all the time. Right? Right. It can be really hard. And it can really, unless you have certain inside resources, like it can drain you and it doesn’t have to be that way. So I just want to kind of like, infuse a little resource that’s multifaceted, and let’s make it easier.

Isha 48:05
Yeah. Yeah. Let’s just like, yeah, let’s just sort of make it easier. Yes. Making difficulty. Insert pleasure. Yes, that’s easier. So Leanne, and I are offering this workshop on Friday, October 22. It’s a three hour workshop. We’re offering it at $88. Yes. mazing investment. And we’re gonna be including the links to sign up for that in the show notes of this. Yes. Ah, Leanna thank you so much for being here for sharing your energy and your just loveliness with the listeners and with me today. Yeah, having it

Unknown Speaker 48:52
is way better than my brain was gonna let me think it was. Like, get it together. Together. We got it. It’s good. It’s so good. Thank you. Really appreciate this.

Isha 49:06
Yeah. That’s it for today’s episode. Thank you so much for listening. I hope that this conversation supported you in accessing a deeper truth. I just want to remind you to hit the subscribe button to get notified of new episodes dropping on the new and full moons of each month. If you haven’t already, leave us a five star review on iTunes to make sure that everyone who needs this transmission gets it. See you next time Rompereglas.