Evolving into your Destiny with Tieshka Smith | Ep 24

Isha 0:01
Welcome to the Revolutionary Rompereglas Podcast where we converge at the intersection of trauma healing, embodied spirituality, decolonization, pleasure, intimacy, leadership and culture change. I’m Isha Vela, trauma psychologist and somatic expressive energy Alchemist for healers, change agents and bridge builders. You’re here because you believe that unraveling fractured concepts that live in your emotional, spiritual and mental systems, while moving toward embodied sovereignty is the real work toward your personal liberation in our collective evolution. In this first season of the podcast, I’m interviewing new Earth leaders who are sharing their personal journeys, and how it’s brought them to the purpose LED work they do now. Occasionally, I’ll chime in with my own inspired episodes. My intention is that the conversations and tools shared in this podcast will inspire and support you on your own magical human journey to owning yourself fully. Hi, listeners, I am sitting here with Tieshka Smith, and she’s the owner of truth seeker astrology. And she was my astrologer last year and really turned me on to astrology. And in fact, I’ve interwoven astrology into my work because of her. She began her journey into Western astrology, with an intensive study with a Philadelphia based master astrologer. And after several years of self directed study, she added is she’s added Tarot to her practice, and has activated her dormant intuitive abilities. And, yeah, she’s emerging from her cocoon as an apprentice astrologer, and she’s reading charts for family and friends and has really exploded her practice. So she’s an intuitive astrologer for humans who really want to grow into who they were designed and destined to be. Tieshka – Welcome, welcome to the podcast.

Tieshka Smith 2:11
Thank you Isha. I’m so glad to be here with you and hello to your listeners out there in internet land.

Isha 2:22
Yeah, like, you know, you talked about, you’ve, you’ve shared with me your work with with a master astrologer. And I really think of you as a master. Like, I think of you as someone who is so deeply engaged in this work and know it’s so very well. And I

Tieshka Smith 2:47
know, I appreciate your words. I mean, I’m really I’m very touched to hear that it’s interesting, because I’m having a secondary progressed measurement as we speak, that speaks to mastery and wisdom. And when I saw that I was looking at my solar, not solar return, but secondary progress measurements going into 2022. And I saw it I was like, Holy crap. I made it. I think so they, you know, they hear that that resonates with me on so many different levels. I was I got really good rigorous training from someone very near and dear to my heart. And He prepared me very well, very well. Actually. His his training was the culmination of, I think, a lifetime of preparation. So before we get to the conversation,

Isha 3:40
well share a little bit about that, because I’m intrigued about like, what turned you on to astrology? And what brought you into the work with this with this person?

Tieshka Smith 3:53
Yeah, so um, you know, I’ve always had, over the years of passing curiosity or interest in sun sign astrology, I remember being a kid and checking the newspaper, like, I knew I was a Virgo. And I would check the newspaper. You know, after I read it, I’m a voracious reader. So get the newspaper and I would check it I’d be like, Oh, that sounds that sounds maybe right. I don’t know. We’ll see. And religiously I would check it like every day or every other day. And so the moment I decided that I needed to go deeper, was right around my nodal return. I was about 3738 years old. And coming out of a really contentious marriage. And I asked myself, why did why first of all, I don’t feel like a Virgo. Like all the things that they say about Virgos. Oh, I feel like there’s some there’s some inaccuracies here. Not understanding the mechanics of sun sign astrology. tieton How to Write Now how those horoscopes are written. Now I get it, actually, because I’m a practicing astrologer, and I understand how those are constructed. But in that time, I was like, I don’t feel like no Virgo. This is not, this is not Virgo energy is something else. And I need to understand what that something else is. And I remember, I bought a few books. And I was reading it and they just weren’t satisfying my curiosity. They weren’t quenching my my need to know. And that’s my Moon in Sagittarius. Right? It’s just, I needed to know and understand and go deeper. And so I remember the day is October 15 2008. And I had decided, number one, I was done with my marriage in my head, right? And that began a whole long process of ending that chapter. Um, and in number two, I was like, Why do I keep making these bad decisions? As relationships? Why do I keep making these bad decisions, and that’s, you know, and they say, when, when the student is ready to teach you will appear. Absolutely. And that is when I met my teacher, and began my journey into astrology. And he and I have relationship. So we’ve been together for almost 12 years now. But he’s been an excellent teacher. He has taught at the university level he’s written, and he’s done a lot of consulting and counseling himself. And so he started me on his rigorous programs, like the way that you learn astrology is to cast charts. And every day, I was casting a new chart. And it’s like opening a gift. Every day, you you insert that data into your astrology program, you open that chart, that horoscope wheel and it’s like a gift. And you’re, and I’m getting a chance to delve into someone else’s deepest desires, deepest wants, deepest needs, fears, the whole gamut. So, so I did that for like, I don’t know, it was like, three, four years, I’m just casting charts, cast and charts, and you had me, you know, reading a lot of books. So when I say self directed, directed intensive, it was very insensitive, and it was very self directed. By that time, I had a master’s degree, you know, so I knew how to kind of structure my work and, you know, get into the books and get into the casting of charts. And we would talk about things and he would help me right, in the way that astrologers write up interpretations and analyses and things like that. So he was preparing me for one day becoming a practicing working astrologer, I didn’t notice at the time, I was just like, oh, this is what this means, you know, looking at my whole own horoscope, and then being able to see other patterns and other people’s natal horoscope, it enlightened me, it illuminated my understanding it expanded my awareness. And it caused me to go through a serious transformation. Um, at the time transit, Pluto was, was in Sagittarius, so it was lighting up all the mutable points in my chart, and seismic change. And I had to either excuse me, I had to evolve or die. And I literally was in a place where my health was bad. I was severely overweight. I’m stressed out.

Tieshka 8:46
And in a quandary about who I was, and astrology, I tell people, I tell people that astrology literally saved my life, literally saved my life. So I take this very seriously, I take my practice very seriously. I take my clients and their concerns very seriously. Some of them have become my friends, my dear friends, and I learned from them and they teach me things on the path on my own journey. And I’m so very grateful to have been given this opportunity to help people through this through this medium. Um, so yeah, it’s it was, it was bad marriage plus me doing some serious self introspection, asking some really hard questions. And having this tool available, to me that really just helped me understand a deeper sense of self.

Isha 9:45
And, you know, from from the work that I have done together, that’s really how you approach astrology. It’s really about this deep excavation and growth and evolution. It’s an evolution missionary process for you at least, that’s, you know, like the questions that you ask or about, like, you work, you work through shadow, right, you work through like aspects of the personality that need to be let go of, and opening in this other direction. And, you know, and it includes my relationships with with people relationship with self relationship with money, all of these facets, intuition, etc.

Tieshka 10:30
Yeah, um, you know, the things that you just laid out, are, when I hear terms like letting go, when I hear terms like a ball, when I hear terms of change, these are all these are all representations of archetypes. And so when I think of those terms, I can immediately think of Uranus, so I can immediately think of Neptune, I can immediately think of Pluto, I can think of Saturn and work my way backwards. My teacher, always he taught me, you know, start with the heavy outer planets first and then work your way in. Because that’s where the real change happens. That’s where the real tests, you know, refine us and, and make us into who we need to become. And he’s right, like, people always talk about Mercury Retrograde, no, like, that’s not where the business is happening. That’s not where the business is. And that’s it. These are minor frustrations, compared to a Pluto transit to your moon, or to your son, or to your midheaven this is, you know, Mercury retrograde. And yeah, maybe your potatoes working and you got to go get a new one. But really, Pluto is going to Pluto is going to determine how you handle that minor inconvenience. Right? Yeah. Or your mind is is gonna is going to enlighten you around this your relationship to that technology. Because Uranus rules technology, Neptune is going to, you know, going to devolve dissolve, perhaps your relationship, maybe that relationships, your phone is unhealthy. And maybe that phone stopped working not because it’s Mercury Retrograde, but because unhealthy attachment to your phone, and then you work backwards. And then that’s how you have conversations. And that’s in my practice, I feel like starting with those heavy outer planets, there’s an astrologer who wrote a book called The Gods of change, and Pluto going back to Uranus and Neptune and Saturn to some extent, these are the guys have changed these, that’s where the real change happens. And And oftentimes, we can accept what’s going on, because it’s being mirrored back to us through our relationships. So everything you said about relationships to ourselves, and then branching out from their family, our children, um, our work, you know, these are all sort of encapsulated in each house of the horoscope. So then, when I’m thinking about the outer planets and change, I’m like, where’s this change happening? Is it happening in your relationships itself as a first house matter? Or is it a sixth house matter? Your co workers are driving you crazy? Or is it money is an eighth house thing is an 11th house thing where your friends are, you know, just rallying around you because of a loss. That’s, you know, being able to kind of read the mat, and then kind of Botos questions out to people helps them to reflect I’m not here to tell anyone, how to do it, what to do, I just say this is what I see. And let’s talk about it. Let’s see how it resonates in your in your everyday life. And I think that’s where the growth happens, giving it back to the client to you know, do that inner work. Yeah, just there to help them I’m a guide. I’m, you know, taking you by the hand, leading you through the process that we all know we have to go through we all know deep down inside to literally Yeah, I know I need to work this stuff out.

Isha 14:15
Hi there, I wanted to let you know that my signature course on boundaries, own your know, embodying sovereignty with boundary energetics is on sale until Sunday, November 7. So you have a few more days to take advantage of that. And I have the links in the show notes. And I just want to let you know that you know, my work, the somatic trauma healing that I do is really about creating safety in your own body and carving out sovereign space for your emotional, physical and spiritual wellness, not just wellness, but the riving and self ownership. And in fact, boundaries are at the energetic root of your liberation. Alive have clearly identified or expressed boundaries at the source of most problems in our relationships, whether it’s at home or at work. And you can’t escape the task of setting boundaries. It’s ongoing and mutable. Based on your energy stores and emotional states, it’s an ongoing thing that we need to learn. And so this four week, self guided course is here to help you disrupt your patterns of self betrayal, betrayal, energetic permeability, and people pleasing, all of which are trauma responses.

Tieshka Smith 15:37

Isha 15:39
on your know is for you, if you feel compelled to give to others, even when you don’t want to, if you struggle to say no, without feeling guilty, if you have difficulty distinguishing, like, what’s your stuff versus what somebody else’s, if you have a sense that you understand your patterns pretty well, but you still haven’t implemented the changes, because the work of boundaries is not integrated in your body, or, you know, if you tend to offer compassion and understanding to other people, but you tend to short you’re short change yourself in the process. You know, this is for you. You know, and I know the cost of not setting healthy boundaries. In fact, you know, I was chronically ill because of not setting boundaries. And this is why I’m so passionate about it. And I realized that, you know, after, after really owning my know, so that I can have my yes has been sort of the biggest learning in my life. And through this, these four weeks, or this four modules actually build, learn to establish and maintain boundaries in your relationships and work so that you can express yourself freely and fiercely have more time and energy for yourself, thrive, experience safety in your body and create more intimacy, and meaningful connected relationships, relationships that are more aligned. And, you know, the bigger picture here is that I believe that the energetics of the world align what we show up for ourselves reliably and consistently, consistently, which is the foundation of trust. So again, the sale is going until November 7, the links to the page with all the information is going to be in the show notes. And obviously, I’m available for any questions. If you have them, you can reach out to me via email, or over DM, and Instagram. All right, take care, bye. Yeah, and they were, you know, just for the listeners, I just want to like, share part of last year and how your work supported me in it. Because, you know, we had a reading in December of was it 2019? Yep. We had a reading in December of 2019. And then you called me in April of 2020. Right? Like, just, you know, when the pandemic or the when the lockdown began. Yeah. And you were basically like, okay, like, Isha, let’s sit down and talk. And let me let me do your chart. Let me tell you what’s coming. Yeah. And it was like, I felt so grateful for that. Because it’s like, you called me You saw some things. And you were like, let me let me forewarn you, and that reading, supported me through the rest of the pandemic in a way that, like, you don’t even know. Now because, you know, shortly after our reading, George Floyd was murdered, and you had noted, you had told me very clearly, you’re going to be deciding, like, what groups you’re going to be involved in, you are going to be like, your, your community is going to be shifting. And like, yes, there were separations, there were groups coming together. And there was a whole bunch of shifting in my relationships that if I hadn’t had some sort of warning around, would have ungrounded me and it was hard enough as it was, but knowing that okay, this is the task at hand. Alright, I can I can stay I can wrangle with this. Yeah, you know, and then even later, you you share something about tree wisdom. Tree wisdom, and I remember be like, What the hell is that and a tree fell on my house. Yeah, remember, you know, this is like, and those experiences just got me like, it was so clear that there was something here and I always believed in astrology but it’s like it It became so real life for me that I just held on to that reading, just as a way of like, grounding and just like being able to continue showing up for this inner work and showing up from a place of like, acceptance and being like, Okay, well this is this is the task. Alright, let me how can I show up for it and be as present as possible and be as like, co creative as possible, and letting whatever’s happening in the cosmos. alchemize, right, and turn out like whatever is needing to move and as right, yeah, evolve and grow.

Tieshka Smith 20:38
I love that. And then also knowing that, you know, astrology is the study of cycles, planetary cycles, that correspond to what’s happening on Earth right now in our lives. And I think sometimes we get swept away, by our circumstances is so overwhelming, and even with the best practice of rounding and staying present, and, and being aware and being loving and gracious, and you know, full of gratitude. There’s always something there’s a kernel of doubt, there’s a kernel of uncertainty. Is this gonna ever end? Yeah, it’s always like, obviously, with the good things, you don’t ever want them to end, but everything has an endpoint. Yeah. And at the end point, When the smoke clears, it’s about understanding what was it that I needed to learn? Yeah, about this cycle that I went through, what did I need to learn? And what can I take with me to, you know, going forward, in my journey, whatever journey that is, for all of us, and deciding, this is something that I can put in my toolbox. And, and use or help someone else with my story of going through that cycle and feeling all the feelings and in being challenged and being pushed to grow. And understanding that eventually, it comes to an end, it comes to an end, it’s either ending that feels like a sigh of relief. It’s, it can be an ending that marks loss and grief and sadness, or it can be an ending, there marks a great deal of celebration and accomplishment. It just depends on the archetypes that are at play. But the but the beauty of astrology is what you said, the idea that I have just a tad bit of awareness of what’s going on, I can reorient myself to the circumstances, and choose to be present and choose to be mindful and choose to be open to what it is I’m supposed to understand and learn about myself. So when I hear you know your testimony, it’s like I did my job. Yeah, it gives me a great sense of fulfillment. You know, I’m a Virgo, I got a stellium of planets in Virgo. So for me, I’m all about doing the job. I want to show up and do my job. And yeah, I want to do well. Yeah. Thank you for that.

Isha 23:10
Yeah. And when you talk about archetypes, you’re not I work with archetypes, but you’re not talking about Jung In archetypes. So are you talking about planetary archetypes?

Tieshka Smith 23:21
Well, Jung studied astrology. So Oh, yeah, he was a student of astrology. And, and a lot of his thinking informs many Western astrologers in their work and on, you know, archetypes, planetary archetypes, cycles, and things like that. So yeah, there’s a lot of this. There’s that connectivity there between us. And I know that you’re a plaque practicing clinician. So here’s the thing that people don’t know about me before I became an astrologer. And even before I became a photographer, because that’s also another thing I prefer. I spent most of my career working in behavioral health. So I was around like, clinical psychologist licensed clinical social workers. LPCs, the whole nine, I’m watching them and had no idea that they were teaching me they’ve been teaching me how to how to counsel and how to be present. Like, I had no idea. I was learning this in the early 2000s. Like, oh, this is this is going to be helpful. And so, you know, bringing it all for it is like, yeah, I study a lot of young and all the other psychologists and therapists and all that stuff, because it helps me it helps add a layer of professionalism to my practice, you know, I got it’s funny, I’m gonna put anybody out there. I had a new client come to me. And they were like, Yeah, you know, um, I don’t know about this astrology stuff. I had this reading with this person, and they came out, and they were doing all this woowoo stuff, and they had a pot of collard greens going on the back, and they kept interrupting, and saying, I gotta go check on my greens, I gotta go check on my children, I gotta go do this. And I was just like, well, that’s not me. I’m, I approach this as a profession. I try to show up as a professional. And I respect people’s time, and I want to convey that this is something that people should take seriously. You know, we’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of years of knowledge and tradition. And when I show up, I want to represent that to the best of my ability. Um, so yeah, archetypes I can talk about I love them. You know, I respect them. Because that’s how we understand at a very subconscious level. Yes. What’s happening? Yes.

Isha 25:56
Yeah. So you bring in all of these elements, right? That the archetypes and then there was these other, these other in these images? I forgot what they mean. Symbols, the Sabian. Symbols?

Tieshka Smith 26:08
Yes. Yeah. And when we talked, you mentioned tree wisdom. That was that was actually a reference or not to one of the Sabian cymbals. I always love to open my sessions discussing what the what the real meat of the session is going to be about? Because yeah, say I want to talk about money. Oh, I want to talk about this a lot. And then I consult the Sabian symbol of the moment we we come together? Yes. And it gives me a deeper level of insight. I’m like, Yeah, I respect what you’re saying. But maybe we can go here to with your permission, you know what I mean, and it opens up a whole dimension of discovery. Both, you know, between myself and the person that I’m working with, you know, right. It’s taking that journey together.

Isha 26:56
Yes. Because that SABIAN SYMBOL provides the frame for that whole reading.

Tieshka Smith 27:02
Yes, absolutely. And it gets to, to me the heart of the matter. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes I subconscious plays tricks on us, right. Yeah, we think it’s the thing. And it really is not that thing. It’s the thing to the left or the right or above or below. Yeah, yeah. And maybe in symbol will say, Yeah, but maybe it’s about tree wisdom.

Isha 27:30
Yeah, and the Sabian symbol, it really does speak at a subconscious level. Because even as I was remembering the reading, it’s the Sabian cymbals that would come up and, and serve as a reminder, even I remember you having talked about like, like flying, and, and being led by intuition. And yeah, the tree symbol, and there was some others, other symbols that just sort of like guided me along the way. And were be like, oh, yeah, that’s, that’s what’s happening right now. And not necessarily like, Oh, we’re in this in what house is like, yeah, it’s gonna happen. But the Sabian cymbals really do speak, like, because their images and our intuition operates in often in images. That’s right. It really just speaks that same language. And so you, you know, without even being aware of it, like you tap into the energy body, you tap into, right, this this deeper, collective piece, right, exactly. Yeah. And that’s another thing that I’ve appreciated about your particular approach. Because I’ve, you know, I’ve been, I’ve been counseled by other astrologers. But, you know, you, you bring in this personal evolutionary piece also with, with, with what’s happening in the collective, like, what is the bigger you know, what is the bigger issue? Or what is the bigger task happening on the humanity collective level? So can you speak a little bit about that?

Tieshka Smith 29:04
I can. So bringing it back to my natal chart, I have Chiron in the 10th house, in a pretty well astrology is called a mystic, rectangle aspect. But for those who don’t care about that jargon, it’s a it’s in aspect to my moon, my Saturn, and my Uranus. And because it’s the highest body in my chart, um, I’m called to kind of channel you know, if you understand if you understand the archetype of Chiron Chiron mediates between, you know, our lived experience Saturn and the great beyond. So I feel like that energy literally manifest through me, on behalf of, you know, of the collective that I can. I can kind of channel and tap into what’s going on and what’s coming down the pike from out there, it may not be fully formed. But I have the ability to not only Intuit it, but create containers of conversation and awareness to discuss these big topics and bring them down to earth. And that’s something that’s a gift that I did not understand before becoming aware of it. You know, I remember having my my chart cast. And, you know, in some programs, you have to actually elect to bring in, you know, asteroids and other bodies. And so I brought in Chiron and some other things. I’m like, What is this key thing at the top? And I could never get a straight answer from people what is this thing is this making all these lines saw this other stuff? What is glue and Chiron you know, the glyph for Chiron is a key and it literally understanding Chiron unlocked so much for me. And it explained, like my orientation to you know, bringing in my moon and Sagittarius energy bringing in Saturn in Gemini, to create these containers where these discussions, these mature discussions can take place about what’s going on, and Saturn is in my 11th house. And then also bringing in my fourth house Uranus is sort of deeply felt, I don’t know, it’s hard to explain with Uranus in the fourth house is of, um, it’s like, I can see things and I can feel things that is just, you know, that that happen. It’s such a private level. And then I have these other tools to kind of bring them up to the top of my chart and come out and make sense to other people. Yeah, yeah. Um, but yeah, that’s, that’s been the key that helps me unlock my understanding of what the universe is bringing into the collective awareness.

Isha 31:50
Could you speak? Yeah. Could you speak a little bit more about Chiron because, you know, I have a lot of Chiron energy, Chiron ik energy. And the people that I work with are, I feel like a lot of them are the wounded, you know, are in the wounded healer archetype or work with it or wrangle with it in their own chart. So I would love for you to, to offer a little bit more depth there about like, what it means what it unlocks?

Tieshka Smith 32:18
Mm hmm. Well, I think depending on who you ask Chiron represents a wounding that is so deep, that speaks to abandonment issues, it speaks to being different. But for me, karma represents an awareness of the great beyond that can be channeled into everyday experience. And whether or not that helps other people, it really depends on the person because sometimes our woundedness can get in the way of being open and aware of our of what we need to do to help other people sure, you know, to be able to speak from that place of hurt, and abandonment. And yeah, it’s it’s really one of those things that, you know, I’ve studied it, I’ve read a lot of books about Chiron, but personally speaking, Chiron to me represents a depth of sensitivity and awareness of not just what’s coming in from the universe in terms of messages and energy, but how to channel that in a way that gets people thinking outside of their own hurt, because we take our hurt, and it can sit in our bodies and to consider in our minds and our spirits. And we can kind of like create this, these containers around it, and no one can get to it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And what karate individuals have the capacity to do whether or not they unlock it, is up to them. But they can take, they can take that hurt and work with people to kind of ease it and massage it and in and give each other permission to kind of release it and let it go. You know, Chiron was a teacher. He was an astrologer. He was a healer. I mean, he worked with medicine and herbs. He, you know, he mentored and he was a warrior too. So, you know, so all these things. I try to honor in my work. I try to honor them in that Chiron is not just about being wounded. It’s not about feeling sorry for yourself. It’s about taking that hurt, understanding it. You know, having some forgiveness for whomever or whatever, you know, hurt you. And channeling that into something that, you know, activating it in a way that people can see it and say I can do that too. I can heal from that thing that happened to me. She did it or he did it or they did it. I can do it too. I’m not you know, it doesn’t take you No mystic abilities to be able to be you know, to embody Chiron

Isha 35:05
Yeah, I love that you’re bringing that in the the piece around taking whatever wound and not staying in our wound ology. But Alka maizing The wound into the gift that we then serve with, right or that we support other people through.

Tieshka Smith 35:23
Right? That’s right. And that means you got to get ego out of the way, you know, because ego tends to distort the calling is like, well, I got to help other people. Nobody helped me with my wound, you know, I dealt with that for a long time. And even now, sometimes a little bit of that comes up. If I had to sit with it, feel it and say, Okay, what’s this about when we when we work with that, but getting the ego out of the way, so that you can work with other people through their own wounding? It takes a lot, it takes a lot of bravery, it takes a lot of courage. Because a lot of times, you may not get that pat on the back. You may not get that acknowledgement. But if you’re keenly aware of what’s going on, and how you’re supporting someone else, and you’re seeing the changes in them, that should be the that’s the reward. I mean, Chiron sacrificed himself for the collective. If you think about the myth of it, right, I’m so a lot of it. A lot of what Chiron and individuals do is sacrifice so that that’s the complete total polar opposite of ego.

Isha 36:39
Yeah, yeah. And it’s not sacrifice from the place of, of, like extracting from oneself or like, like, basically, like pulling energy from yourself to serve other people and depleting yourself in the process. But about, but it’s about sacrificing the ego sacrificing the part that says, Yeah, I’m the one or I’m like, like being in some sense of heroism? Yes, that’s right. It is about sacrificing the ego, not sacrificing the true self. That’s, you know, yes. And I want to make that distinction. It’s really important because we do, you know, people can can get into some self sacrificial, yes, right. You know, he havior language energy and to really like, let’s, let’s, let’s tease out what we mean by sacrifice. It’s sacrificing the ego, the part that wants to take a bite out of that and said, Oh, yeah, I did this.

Tieshka Smith 37:40
That’s right. That is right. And those of us with Chiron, in Aries natively, we’re all going through our Chiron return. So if you’re between the age of 49 and 50. You’ve either had it or you’re about to have it. So it’s really about how well have you gotten your ego out of the way to you know, activate your own personal Chiron and helping other people because in Aries, Chiron can tilt to be, you know, pretty self. What about me, you know? What about you, Louis? Is a whole generation of us who are going What about me? You know, you can see this play out online, you know, what about me? What about my feelings? What about it? And it’s like, no, this is deeper than what about me? Yeah, yeah, you know, that identity that forms in the midst of karma return is really more about legacy building, it’s about thinking about what you’re going to leave behind. And not a lot of hurt feelings. Hopefully, you’re not hurting people in you know, in the wake of you doing this healing, you know, your, your, you’re, you’re bringing in leverage energy, you’re finding support from other people, you’re learning how to relate to other people a little bit better, hopefully, in a journey. And you’re in you’re hopefully engaging in some pretty deep, deep soul level healing, listening for messages from you know, wherever you get them from, and asking yourself, How is this going to help the people that I’m supporting and possibly leaving behind because that, you know, really, the thoughts should be shifting to legacy building, what am I creating, for, you know, for the people that I care about love and want to? Yeah,

Isha 39:38
yeah. Yeah. And, and just like, you know, you also talk about, you know, Chiron, it seems is like, is sensitive to what’s happening sort of in the bigger fields in the collective field. And you’ve also talked about that people individually rules also need to begin sort of moving into more of a collective way of thinking, right, like, generally speaking, getting out of their personal narratives and stories and focus, and beginning to open up into a more like a bigger awareness of like the interrelatedness between themselves and other people. And, you know, whether that’s energetically or relationally, or both. And, yeah, so, you know, maybe just share a little bit about, like, how that piece comes into your work.

Tieshka Smith 40:35
Yeah. It’s interesting, because last Thursday, I channeled some stuff about Pluto in Aquarius, which happens in 2024. But we’re going to get a preview of that, when we just look at my notes here in early 2023, when he dips his toe into Aquarius, and then comes out and dips back into Capricorn for a minute, before he transitions into Aquarius for good. And that happens, like I said, early 2024. And what I channeled was this, and I hope you don’t mind me using a little bit profanity, but this is what came up, do it. Handle your shit. So as we as we, as we sharpen our awareness, as we, as we make an effort to build bridges between our individual selves, you know, creating this sort of network of community that addresses a lot of tough social issues, right? Here’s the thing, the collective is not going to be in a position come 2024 To carry people who have not done the work, the individual. That’s been warned.

Isha 41:56
You’ve been warned.

Tieshka Smith 41:58
So what I also wrote down was that 2022 is going to be a year transition as Pluto eases out of Capricorn, and inches closer and closer towards the end of Capricorn. This is really going to be about accepting responsibility, assuming responsibility and acclimating oneself to a new pace because once Pluto goes into Aquarius, these are going to speed up. Think about it. Aquarius, the sun is the home sign of Iran is where things happen like that quantum Quantum. Yes, yes. So if you are not on that level, you got some time to get ready. I’m just saying, you got a couple years we’re going your pace people let’s go. If you’ve been putting off seeing a therapist or putting off seeing a healer, whether that’s healer of your body of your spirit of your mind. Now’s the time to get to that work it’s time you can’t sit around and twiddle your thumbs and lean on your social supports to do the work for you. Because what we’re going to enter once Pluto enters Aquarius is a rapid acceleration of people coming together to attend to some major shit and we’re not going to have time this is where my mother or my oh you know my family at all? Nobody Got Time for That we’re not gonna have time to do mother issues or your you know daddy issues or you know, write write write your dog you know what happened in third grade? We don’t have we’re not gonna have time.

Isha 43:41
It feels so good to hear that from you. Tichka you know, right here listeners get your shit together called

Tieshka Smith 43:52
Pluto is about purging. Pluto is about ripping from the Bali body politic what’s corrupt when we’re so you know, Pluto in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of the collective. He’s going to be ripping out everything that has been toxic in terms of how we think about and operate collectively. Wow. So this idea that oh, well, my collective and my community will handle it for me. No, they won’t.

Isha 44:21

Tieshka Smith 44:23
Time’s up. Because Pluto is going to be doing that collective level work to root out what hasn’t been working. You know, so think about technology. Yeah. keeps us going at each other’s throat. I read what you wrote about the polarization piece that you know that, you know, we’re bickering and fighting over over beliefs and attitudes that maybe shouldn’t even be the things that we’re holding on to right and if we’re not willing to let that go, Pluto’s gonna come and just say You’re gonna be like, Whoa, well, I told you you had two years, you got to get it together, get it together because the community has so much serious work yet to do. Yeah, we think is bad now, you know, we’ve been since continuing with Pluto going through Capricorn and really showing us the weak spots in our institutions in our tradition in the whole idea of power itself. Right? Yes. And that work is coming to an end. And I think some of us have rolled with it, some of us are still struggling with it, but we still have some time to kind of reconcile ourselves to the reality of what’s going on. When we think about Capricornian themes, you know, power status, institutional wealth, things like that. Yes. Um, but once he shifts into Aquarius, this is about the this is about the collective itself. Yeah, we’ve got some work, we’ve got some really heavy stuff that we’re gonna have to confront. And we can’t do that carrying all this individual toxicity. Yes. We don’t want to deal with so you know, it’s really, I really, I was hoping that I get an opening to share that.

Isha 46:18
Yes. And I, I’m so glad you did. Because I think that that’s really like a an invitation to the listeners to like, you know, get your shit together. Like, let’s do this. Let’s move this energy. Let’s get our bodies mind spirits ready for this acceleration?

Tieshka Smith 46:39
Yeah, it definitely would be an exodus. Yeah. Pluto in Capricorn. You think about the Capricorn cancer axis, we’re talking about the parental axis parental themes. And I always used to say, you know, America’s got daddy issues, and Mommy issues, you know, America is a Cancerian nation. And it also has Pluto and Capricorn natively. So as a nation, we’re undergoing a Pluto return. So on a on a macro level, we got to deal with these issues. And on a personal level, we each have to deal with these issues. And that’s great. But some of us have been you know, when we keep looking to the past, it’s kind of a, you know, you can give yourself a little bit of a, a, you can rationalize, well, I put it off I put it off. I put it on my parents who died. I don’t have to deal with that. No, those those issues still cling to us. Yeah. And Pluto has been asking us to face them, deal with them, and let the toxic crap go. Mm hm. Because once we move into once Pluto goes into Aquarius, we’re not going to have time for that. Mm hmm.

Isha 47:52
Wow, that’s a perfect place to end this conversation and Tisca where can people find you? Where can they book a session with you?

Tieshka Smith 48:05
Okay, um, so home base for me is my website truth seeker astrology calm. From there you there are links to how to book a session online I have a online booking site through square and if you wanted to go directly to that skip over all the stuff I write on my website using my book session. If you type in the URL book true secret strategy, all one word calm. And then from there, you can go and book but most of the people that I love my clients because they always reach out to me and we have this sort of back and forth and I’m happy to you know, respond to email inquiries. You can contact me through my website or you can just email me at choose secret strategy@gmail.com If you have questions about you know, my session offerings, the types of readings I do my philosophy and so on and so but I have a Moon in Sagittarius, so I love dialogue. I love going back and forth. Yeah, um, I do have a Facebook page which is linked from my website and also have an IG which I post to actively I do have a Twitter but I’m I’m kind of like I don’t know Twitter’s got a weird vibe to it when it comes to the metaphysical community on my I don’t know about this. Um, so I I feed stuff to my Twitter, but it’s not I don’t actively maintain it. So two places you can find me on social media, Facebook and Instagram. And again, truth seeker astrology.com or you can email me at truth seeker astrology@gmail.com.

Isha 49:43
And I’ll include all of the links to that in the show notes so that people can just click in and do the thing. Yes, take cut. It was a such a pleasure and a gift and I just feel it all like I feel the energy in my body just sitting here with you and having this conversation I feel so activated in all of the best ways think

Tieshka Smith 50:04
Oh, that’s wonderful. And the feeling is mutual. I’m so glad that we had a chance to have this conversation talking about my favorite topics, the outer planets Chiron. And I just want to congratulate you on doing and you doing it doing this podcast? Look at you.

Isha 50:25
Almost a year, almost a year. That is amazing. Yeah. Getting ready for season two.

Tieshka Smith 50:30
Yeah. Great. Great. Congratulations. I’m glad to be a part. Yeah.

Isha 50:34
Thank you. Tichka.

Tieshka Smith 50:35
Thank you.

Isha 50:39
That’s it for today’s episode. And thank you so much for listening. I hope that this conversation supported you in accessing a deeper truth. I just want to remind you to hit the subscribe button to get notified of new episodes dropping on the new and full moons of each month. If you haven’t already, leave us a five star review on iTunes to make sure that everyone who needs this transmission gets it. See you next time. It’ll take less

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