I’M HERE TO SUPPORT YOU in revealing, layer by layer, the essence of who you are beyond the social conditioning, beyond the survival patterns, beyond the internalization of toxic systems of oppression.

YES, it takes practice and dedicated heart opening. It requires attention and focus. It involves compassion and forgiveness.

And a whole lot of courage.

Isha sits on a log

I work with healers, weavers, change agents, bridgebuilders, connectors, and other folxs who feel called to make an impact on the world. 

You may sometimes feel like you’re too much (or not enough) but you’re EVERYTHING the world needs right now.

And I’m convinced that the most powerful way we transform the world is through our energy.

You create from what’s inside you. 

So within, so without. 

When you’re at war internally, it manifests externally.

We see this in our dysfunctional relationship patterns, in the ways we subtly use power to control, and the ways we neglect to truly be affected by one another.

Internally, you attack yourself with judgment and criticism, gaslight your emotional experiences, and don’t say what needs to be said out of fear of being wrong or humiliated. 

Or you talk yourself out of what you truly want because deep down you feel like you can’t have it (or don’t deserve it).

You distract yourself with whatever’s going to help you avoid the fear of TRULY harnessing your firepower.

You may give freely to others but hold back your heart for yourself, ultimately keeping yourself from receiving what you want most: to be witnessed, heard, and loved.

I know what this feels like, because I was there.

I created a life, love, and business from the conditioned fear patterns I was holding in my body.

It wasn’t until I collapsed dysphoric from exhaustion that I received “the call” and woke up to what MORE was possible beyond living in my patterns.

When I began to see them and alchemize them, everything in my life adjusted to match my internal reality.

I know you want that too.

To transform your relationship with yourself so you can really live into the gifts you came to share with the world.

To be exactly who you were meant to be.

All of yourself, sovereign and devoted to your integration and purposeful leadership.

My Desire is to:

SUPPORT you to dismantle power blocks and other internalized lies that hold you back from what you want to do and who you want to be in the world;

TEACH you to tap into your body’s innate wisdom and guiding intuition so that you can learn to heal yourself from personal, generational, and collective trauma; 

GUIDE you into the path of pleasure and receptivity to create deeper, more fulfilling connections within yourself, inside your partnerships(s), and in your purposeful work;

WITNESS you trust your authentic, universally granted superpowers and courageous leadership in a way that is unique and aligned with YOU.

You’re everything you’ve been waiting for.

Let's ignite your FIREPOWER!