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Radical Embodied Devotion to your Life Force Energy for Personal Sovereignty and Collective Evolution

Welcome, Rompereglas.

You desire to be truly free in your expression, to fully embody who you were meant to be without shame, without hiding in fear, habits, or patterns.

You’ve been CALLED into your leadership.

You came to experience your uncompromising wholeness, the raw and pleasurable power of BEING FULLY ALIVE and FIERCELY EXPRESSED.

You’re here to heal whatever wounds or internal obstacles stand in the way of your unapologetic DEVOTION.

Because what you desire more than anything else is to be the OWNER of your sovereignty and LOVER of your complex inner world, all while breaking away from social masks or conventions that constrict through limitations and fear held in the body.

You’re the ancestor that’s here now, and your fiery soul came here to experience the full range your magical potential.

You know that the only real journey is the journey HOME to your Self, through Shadow, returning to your spiritual core and loving essence.

The best part?

YOU are the medicine, querida. You are both the SEDUCTRESS and the SEDUCED.

Isha in a squat smiles straight at the viewer

I'm here to support you

in revealing, layer by layer, the essence of who you are beyond the social conditioning, beyond the survival patterns, beyond the internalization of toxic systems of oppression.

Yes, it takes practice and dedicated heart opening. It requires attention and focus. It involves compassion and forgiveness.

And a whole lot of courage.


Notice I didn’t say work. Let’s bust the myth that expansion and integration needs to be HARD.

You get to experience pleasure along the way. 

In fact, it’s required.

Because pleasure is the pathway to self-intimacy, emotional sovereignty, sexual empowerment, liberation and to everything else you desire for yourself and the world.

Isha with hands on her heart, head up, eyes closed

Imagine Yourself ...

In full ownership of your playful (and fierce) sexual energy;

Capable of expressing your vulnerability and truth;

Embracing your Shadow as part of your authentic expression;

Setting impeccable boundaries and unapologetically protecting your energy;

Connected to the pleasure that’s readily available to you in every moment;

Enjoying cleaner communication and deeper intimacy with the people you care about;

Holding more expansive space for difficult emotions and conversations;

Able to meet life’s challenges with more trust and courage;

Following the flow of intuition to create what you desire;

Using your voice and passion for the issues that matter most to you;

Fully anchored and dropped into the Divine within you.



How you show up energetically is EVERYTHING.

It’s where your evolution gives rise to the REVOLUTION.

Testimonials from Rompereglas

Brenda smiling, hand at chin

Brenda Liz Cotto

“It was impactful for me to know I am and that we are all perfectly imperfect! That felt amazing. What was unique about (R)evolutionary Rompereglas was the body-centered work that helped me find the courage to let go.”

Angela in a field of flowers, face upward

Angela Cusicanqui

“I felt the energy in my body changing me on many levels. Being seen and accompanied by my sisters showed me that we have the capacity to greatly heal and transform when we do it together. Isha showed me that vulnerability is not weakness. It is a power that guides us to a new leadership from the heart.”

Danielle Lara

“Asking for help and assistance has not always been easy, but I felt like the community was different — I felt it was designed to achieve the highest good and it was meant to encourage me to feel seen! As a woman of color, being seen is SO necessary, but often not always comfortable to do. And I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to explore being seen in a protected community with my RompeReglas sisters.

I am still discovering the ways this community has contributed to the expanding view of myself, my needs and my PLEASURE. The RompeReglas community helped me realize the love I have for myself, and challenges me to CONTINUE to grow in that love from a wondrous and heart-filled space.”

Angelina looks straight into the camera

Angelina Yorro

“Amazing! I got to bring out my feminine power and feel proud of it. I learned that I am on the right path, that women I meet can support each other, and that I can face my fear of leadership and bring more of myself.”

Susanna smiles, looking to her right, wearing earrings and necklace

Susana Vaca Coca

“The frankness, connection, and power of our truth being expressed through our vibrant voices, movement, laughs and tears became a transformational catapult. I love the simplicity and subtleness with which we approach subjects perceived as complex or unchangeable.””

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Living life in your fullest expression is a (R)evolutionary Act.

Isha Vela
"(R)evolutionary Rompereglas has changed my life! Before I came to Isha I was a scared, anxiety-ridden mess. Now I am awakened to how powerful, creative, and fabulous I am!"
Suzan smiling
Suzan Henriquez-Whitted


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